Illusion #1: Entrepreneurship is just a matter of money

"There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way".

-Christopher Morley

Now that we are at the last text of the series on the illusions commonly encountered when talking about entrepreneurship, you surely start to understand the schema. I will not repeat everything that was written in the last texts, but I would like to make one final point about money before concluding the series.

I could write a novel on the subject, but summarize the situation thus: in Quebec, the money is taboo and almost shame-prone success. In fact, only the stars of show business and sport can be enriching to perfection while attracting admiration. Ironically, the great corporate builders are often lambasted and poorly perceived by the company. Why an artist or a hockey player can win millions with his talent, but not a contractor which employs thousands of people?

How to restore a glorious vision of the big (and small) entrepreneurs in here? In my opinion, by releasing money from the collective vision of entrepreneurship.

A way of life

I sincerely admire the top athletes. They live in the constant media attention, train relentlessly to the top and really live their sport (except maybe Tom Gilbert). Each day is dedicated to refine their art to be at the top and win. Ultimately, the sport is only a temporary pleasure that has little impact on the history of humanity. However, P.K. Subban receives more praise or criticism in a week that don't receive the majority of the great builders of here in their careers.

In comparative terms, be entrepreneur is as much a way of life than that of player's ball ballet. To stand out and have success, it must constantly review our methods, rethinking the paradigms for profit of the weaknesses of the market. I do learn you nothing by repeating once again these elements, you, Ô readers. However, the company does not seem to understand the message.

Not just a question of business

Entrepreneurship is not always a question of business and money. Found a knitting club in your village is a form of entrepreneurship. Decide his career plan and execute the plan? Entrepreneurship. Organize the 60th wedding anniversary of your pets? Okay, you have understood the concept.

The project in enterprise creation steps are not really different from the average of the projects in the lives of everyone. Of course, being an entrepreneur is more risky than cashier at Canadian Tire (I greet you in passing, Knights of the barcode). On the other hand, in addition to the risk, entrepreneurship is at the bottom as a deep and complete problem solving exercise.

At different levels, we are all able to find solutions to the problems that surround us. For some, it is a grueling and unpleasant exercise. For other, me the first, each challenge and problem that life puts on my way is an opportunity to do better than the average citizen.

Okay, I'm basically extremely competitive, but all are able to do so. It was simply to want.

Do it for the right reasons

Which brings me to talk to you about the reasons which lead the entrepreneurs get started in business. For some, it's a matter of ego and prestige. For another, a way to increase their revenues and ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Each contractor its history, and its motivations. Of course, as anyone, we are working not for love and fresh water. On the other hand, money often comes very far in the priorities of entrepreneurs to success.

According to a study from Princeton University, the salary maximizing happiness is around $ 75,000 per year. For each dollar earned following this step, the marginal happiness resulting is less high. After all, after 3 private jets and 2 Lamborghini, one begins to have toured the garden. Why start then?

You probably know the Maslow pyramid. According to this model, human has needs more increasingly complex over the ascent of the pyramid. Starting with the urgency of food and do not die of cold, the model ends at the 5th level by the need to fulfill. This model is is realizing as a person, through projects, successes and bequeathed it Builder, someone finds real happiness. How does this spread closer to reality?

Not always a matter of money

The obvious answer is to build a successful company employing thousands of people. On the other hand, I invite you to consult the list of Directors of non-profit organizations in your community. You will invariably find entrepreneurs and managers who join with the desire to give back to their community. To my knowledge, these agencies did withdraw no salary or cash value benefit. On the contrary, they help invariably out-of-Pocket umpteenth fundraising to buy new books to children in need or to finance the purchase of equipment for the hospital in the town.

This is what leads me to the following conclusion: you're all entrepreneurs

Okay, it looks like a final moral of an episode of Robin and Stella (you must have been born before 1986 to understand), but it's true. Without realizing it, you undertake all at different levels a host of projects that require creativity, sense of responsibility and a vision long term.

Why not transpose this model to your career? Maybe you don't believe, but entrepreneurship is a career that you can choose. This career is obviously more stormy than its alternatives. But in the end, that is what creates really a sense of accomplishment in his work? Accomplish the same mind-numbing routine, or find a solution to the problem that undermines the productivity of the office for weeks?

Unless you are purely sadomasochistic, you find all somehow or other the pleasure in your work. This pleasure often comes from one of two classical factors, professional achievement and interpersonal relationships. Entrepreneurship offers you all this and much more. It is only to open the curtain and see farther than large patterns of fear surrounding this lifestyle. The money taboo is a collective whim that deserves the intellectual scaffold. Do not be afraid and go ahead, the success will not come from him even.

Moral of the end

If I had a dollar for each question mark in this text, I would have my Lamborghini.

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