Resogun Defenders - Launch Trailer | PS4

The RESOGUN DEFENDERS expansion features two new game modes that turn the RESOGUN you know completely on its head:

Protector Mode:
Use new power-ups like Super Overdrive, Super Boost and Human Teleporter to save humans and build up cities. Once a city is completed, it’ll give you power-ups, deploy turret defences and flip the level. Make sure to defend the newly built strongholds from the city destroyer mini-boss and last as long as you can.

Commando Mode:
Play as one of the last humans and shoot down incoming aerial threats while doing your best to avoid the falling debris. See if you can survive 20 waves in this easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master arcade mode. Also playable in co-op and an all new competitive “Battle Mode” multiplayer mode!

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