Anthony Johnson needs another victory before aspiring to a championship bout

After the quick victory of Anthony "Rumble" Johnson last Saturday against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (44 seconds), Dana White had only good words towards him. On the other hand, prior to aspire to a championship fight, Rumble has to earn at least 1 other combat according to White.

After the fight, Dana said to reporters: "it's amazing! I do not think that we have already seen a guy from 170 to 205 pounds that have more power in this category than he had it in the 170 pounds. It's crazy! "I have never seen anything like it".

"He continued:" I was flabbergasted by the performance of Anthony tonight. The fight was quick and easy for him. It's amazing. We will give him an another fight".

According to White, Rumble is an interesting candidate, but must win one more battle before being considered as a top of the division.

Some have commented that Rumble could take the place of Daniel Cormier at UFC 178 if the latter were to injure.