Matt Hughes encourages GSP retired

Former champion of the 170-pound UFC, Matt Hughes, said in an interview recently that it encourages GSP to remain where he is currently and not return to the UFC. He said: "the UFC is going to hate me for what I say, but I'll still say it. If GSP wants to retire, the take and that it does not return. From my side, I finished my career on 2 defeats. If it again, I would have stopped my career on a win. And GSP has had his hand raised in the air during his last fight. Therefore, if I have to give it a Board, if you want to stop fight Georges, left the sport".

For now, GSP is no longer in the UFC organization, who wanted to take back, even if his retirement is not yet official. We will see in the coming months if GSP is making a comeback or not in the Octagon.