Many software can help poker players. Whether it is to increase the safety of its poker accounts for your coaching sessions, or to improve the security of your computer, PokerCollectif you have created a small list of interesting software that may help you.

Name Note Price Download
Team Viewer Team Viewer - Coaching has distance, VPN, or technical assistance  
Team Viewer allows you to connect to any other computer in the world and, in a few seconds. This software is ideal for coaching remotely, technical support remotely or even like VPN.
Free Download
Team Viewer StrongVPN - Virtual Private Network
StrongVPN offers VPN of quality at competitive prices. They offer a choice of several countries (including Canada in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver). Their connection is fast, no extra charge for bandwidth and their connection is secure (encrypted). With a VPN, you can access several sites game software and this, everywhere in the world, even if you travel outside the (ex: If you are in the United States and you have a Canadian VPN, you can continue to play on sites of the ipoker network, ongame, etc.)
$ 7/m Download
Keypass KeePass Password Safe - Generate and store your passwords
KeePass can generate a random passwords and manage your access code on many sites you use. KeePass is an ideal solution for users who desire de-passwords individual and difficult to hack, without having to remember all these words-of-past.


Spybot Spybot - Search & Destroy - software anti-spyware-malware
Spybot is an antispyware software providing effective protection against malware and other threats, thereby improving the security of your computer. Spybot provides protection against several hundreds of thousands of cookies and several tens of thousands of dangerous websites.