Hand Converter

The Hand Converter from PokerCollectif to convert your hand histories make them in a much more readable format. You can use this converter on different forums (and not only PokerCollectif!) hand.

Step 1: Copy-paste the history of the hand in the column «enter».
Step 2: Choose the format '2 + 2 Forums'
Step 3: Click Convert hand.
Step 4: Click on 'Select the exit' to highlight the text in the right-hand column (some browsers require a double click), and then CTRL-C (or right-click, followed by copy) to get converted into memory. Step 5: To get on the forum, do CTRL-V (or right-click followed by paste).

{iframe width = "760" height = "600"} http://www.flopturnriver.com/converter2/converter_CC.php?cc=fr {/ IFRAME}