Start in the world of online poker

Difficult to make a quick guide to online poker as we all have different resources. Some do not want to invest money upfront, while others are willing to (too?) In investing.

The purpose of this guide internet poker is to allow you to tame the fastest possible online poker. We assume that you already know the regulations relating to poker and you have a small base level strategy (if this is not the case, we invite you to consult our strategy articles.

Some do not see the value of "begin at the beginning," but you say that some steps are not necessarily essential and skip these basic steps will not hinder your development. By cons, some steps are, in turn, necessary and skip these steps could be devastating to your finances. A player jumping directly to steps "final" will risk (or should we say "will ensure") to lose much more than the next player to the letter the recommendations.

Familiarize yourself with the software.

All software is different and sometimes some functions are used differently. For example, when recovery of an amount of some software, the amount that our implementation is registered in total (eg blind to 0.25/.50, if you Please signup $ 2, some software will tell you bet $ 2 total, while others will put you $ 2.50 - a raise of $ 2 + .50 the initial wager). It is therefore advisable to tame the software before you start playing. To do so, the sites offer "play money" sections where you can play poker with virtual money. You do not need you forever in fashion playmoney, but make sure any less understand the software.

Build your bankroll.

This is an essential point. Just as a carpenter needs a hammer, the poker player needs his bankroll. That is, somehow, the tool of a poker player. Unless the money so you by the ears, nothing is to file an astronomical amount at the start. Online poker has a huge advantage over tournaments "live" you can play for pennies! It would be difficult to arrange a $ 1 tournament with 100 + players in your home: you will probably run out of space, tokens, card decks. A casino and has no interest in holding such a tournament for only $ 1! In online poker, it is possible! So you can sit in a tournament for just $ 1 and gain some experience in poker. That said, some will have a few hundred dollars to file initially, others will have their good will.

For those not wanting to invest money upfront.

For those who do not want to invest money, there is the playmoney. So you can play free poker and accumulate experience. By cons, play poker for play money, ca removes the "seriousness" of the game, and you will quickly see that the players are willing to do "anything, anytime". You do not improve your poker playing playmoney. We even think you rather risk developing bad habits, such as Calling the setting by saying "I want to see what he has," etc.. Step "playmoney" should be a step familiarization with the software, nothing more.

The next step for those who do not want to invest money, is the freerolls. Freerolls are tournaments organized by the websites. Admission is free and the site gives any monetary award. Some freerolls are particularly interesting, others are rather a waste of time.

Here are some interesting sites offering several freeroll. These sites are accessible to both French players to players around the world:

  • Carbon Poker : Five daily freeroll worth $ 200.
  • PokerStars : Freeroll on a regular basis providing access to paid tournaments.
  • PartyPoker : daily tournaments, weekly and monthly! In total, $ 30,000 in prizes every month freeroll!

Another method is to simply enjoy some promotions offering free money. We identified for you various promotions that allow you to play "real money" without making any deposit. You can not, of course, withdraw money without having reached certain prerequisites, but it is nonetheless a good way to start to grow your bankroll. You can view this list on our free money page.

For those who have some money to invest.

Here, the word "some" is not there by accident. When you start to play poker, we tend to go faster than our development. Online poker and casino poker is very different. Size is much higher on the internet. So it is not because you are playing with friends $ 100 part that you are necessarily ready to play $ 100 part on the internet. In addition, the game is much faster on the internet (no mixing of maps, not disentangling chips, etc..): A player who plays in too high a caliber to lose him so much faster on the internet (and opposite is, in a sense, a positive point you earn much more quickly on the internet if you are a winning player).

The caveat being made, to what place should you run and what you should do if you want to invest a $ 20-50-100-200?

Payment methods

For a first deposit, a credit card will do. By cons, some banks have blocked deposits by credit card on gambling sites. Eventually, you will have to create a "leaf door" account. The French players have the choice between an account Neteller account or Moneybookers , while the side of Canadian players, only the account Moneybookers is available (Neteller withdrew from the Canadian market a few years ago). If you have the choice between the two types of account, we suggest an account Moneybookers rather than Neteller account: costs are lower on the side of Moneybookers .

Your account will be your intermediary between poker sites and your bank account. Some hesitate to certain bank information: the caution is (never give your credit card information via email, using a word-of-complicated password and keep it carefully word-of-password, make sure that the word-of- password for your email account is also well protected,. etc.), but these sites are secure and have implemented various security measures. Remember that it is your money that is at stake here so use a different password and hard to find.

Once your payment method, several options are available to you regarding the choice of site. We especially recommend the following sites:

  • PokerStars : the largest poker site online. 100% bonus up to $ 600.
  • PartyPoker : one of the most popular sites. The caliber is rather bad. The 100% bonus up to $ 500 is more readily releasable elsewhere.
  • CarbonPoker : a very interesting software and poor caliber.

Your Account Moneybookers lets you quickly move + your winnings from one site to another; it is sometimes beneficial to "hunt" some bonuses. We invite you to consult the exclusive offers PokerCollectif.

For those who have lots of money to invest.

Perhaps some will want to immediately "with the big" and decide to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We do not recommend simply! Is best to start at the bottom of the ladder, and climb the ladder one by one. After all, why try to compete with players who have much more experience than you? Wait to know that you are able to beat the bottom before boarding the high limit. If you already have a good experience at your poker and you want to establish yourself on a long-term site and play higher limits, we recommend you take advantage of our rakeback deals. In the long term, the rakeback will be much more profitable than the bonus.

Remember that poker should remain a game, and even though this game has some chance, it's still a game whose skills predominate in the long term. PokerCollectif was created so that it is for you a game that PAYS you money, not a game that costs you! We recommend that you never risk more than 5% of your bankroll when you play. Feel free to down limit if you do not follow this rule of 5%. In short, you the money is not a concern, this is not for you a reason to be the fish of the table!

Good poker at all!