12 common mistakes of beginners to Hold Em - fourth part

The errors outside the table:
Some people pretty well control outside the table. They are likely to have a huge advantage over a person who will control little. Poker can teach you good control of yourselves: but for some people, bad folds will be too ingrained, and these people are necessarily going to run their loss... These errors are not, to strictly speaking, than beginners errors: pros players constantly living with these problems outside the table. Some are doing better than others, while others simply find themselves without a penny.

Enjoy your start in the world of poker to work on these personal aspects, which will improve not only your results in poker, but in everyday life. And failing to become professional poker, you can apply these concepts in your professional, social and personal life.

Error #10: A poor financial management.
Even the best player in the world could survive without proper financial management. When I see players put an important part of their bottom of bearing of poker on the table, I can help them to point out that they are possibly lose everything, regardless of their talent! Generally, will need you about 20 x the maximum admission price to be comfortable on the table in a Hold'em game ' no limit. This is to say that to play as little as of.01/.02 (small blind to. $01, and big blind to. $02), will need you about $ 40 in your bottom of bearing. When you want to play the.05/.10, need you... $ 200! And when you want to play the $.50/1, need you $2000 MINIMUM! For limit poker, working capital is lower, but need you to still approximately 300 'big bet' (a big bet is equivalent to 2 x the big blind: it is in fact the minimum bet at the 3rd and 4th time of auction). And all this is not to mention that more you increase the limit, most gamers will be talented... and so it will be difficult to earn money! Do not attempt to hit a homerun: go ahead gradually! Poker is also a game of patience.

Error #11: The control of his emotions.
Yes, it is sometimes difficult to manage his emotions. When you make the perfect game, and an idiotic player becomes the luckiest player in the world, was sometimes the taste of him launch his fist to figure... but as you know that this can bring us trouble, you say that one is better than him and that we'll empty it in time to say! Then, boom! Another lucky card on his part! And it's at this time that many lose the head. They lose contact with the logic. Instead of keep calm, several players have reflection - sometimes unconsciousness - next: "If this idiot can be lucky and win with bad hands, why I couldn't win me also?". Then, they start to play much too aggressive poker, a poker where they call updates or raise with hands lost penalties... and end up losing much more! I've already seen people lose 9 months of hard work in just a few hours. Because that is not all: some even increase limit, incorrectly saying that they will have more chance against less idiots players (do you see the logic? Can we really have more luck against best players?). Keep a cool head! Learn to control you! Some players rely to yoga or meditation. Personally, I have the advantage of being pretty quiet at the poker table (and in the life of every day). On the other hand, I sometimes feel boil... and in those moments, I know that it is high time for me to get up and go take me a large glass of cold water.

Error #12: alcohol and substances... shady!
Poker, you are constantly bombarded with various information: you must focus on your cards and you must try to analyse the situation to try to (better) knowledge that may well have your opponent; you calculate cards that help you and you don't want to see fall in order to calculate the probability that it occurs; You must scan your opponent looking for "tells" (physical behavior to better know what your opponent may map) while ensuring not too give, of these tells. you need more to follow the action and play when it is your turn; you need to analyze the best option which is offered to you; You must... and must... in short, your brain must operate at 100%! Even though I have absolutely nothing against a good cold beer with friends around a poker table in a small match to low entry price, I strive to be present of mind to 120% for more important tournaments! I've never worn on drugs, or even excessive consumption of alcohol, but the examples abound of players whose game has been seriously affected by alcohol and drugs (Stu Ungar, Mike Matusow,...). Just like driving where you need to be alert and vigilant, poker is also requesting this same kind of vigilance! So do not confuse you with an alcohol or drug abuse. Your results are in will be better!


These twelve tips will perhaps render a winning player of the player to the next day! On the other hand, these tips can only improve your game. If you apply these tips from your earliest days, you will have already done one giant leap compared with the majority of players who started Poker!

Good luck at the tables!