Guide ultimate safety - protect your poker accounts - Part 3

This third part is probably the most "heavy." Some councils appear obvious, yet many players with bankrolls thousands of dollars do not follow. Please be VERY careful and follow these tips.

Basic precautions:
- Have words effective Windows password. Computers typically come with an Administrator password blank. Administrator user and your account must have a complex password.
- Do not use your date of birth, the name of your dog / boyfriend / blonde, the name of your favorite sports team, your physical address or telephone number. In fact, do not use any password that may appear in a dictionary somewhere: it is easier to find.
-. Use special characters, numbers, upper and lower case, etc. This simple change will make it much more difficult to hack Note that task should mix well, so that "password123" is much easier to find. that "1pA $ 3 \ / \ / oRD24."
- Do not write your passwords in a non-secure on your hard drive or your personal email address file. Suffice it that someone can get their hands on this file to access all your passwords. An Excel file with a password is NOT safe either: there is software to decrypt these passwords in minutes and, in the worst case, within 72 hours Same for ZIP files (. although generally longer decrypt)
- Do not always use the same passwords Some malicious sites could thus appropriating all your passwords..
- If you want Firefox se souvienne de votre mot-de-passe ( ce qu'on ne conseille pas!), assurez-vous que vous avez configuré un mot-de-passe « master ". To do this, Firefox, go to Tools -> Options -> Security -> Check "Use a master password"
Change your words to pass frequently.

Ceux qui utilisent leur bonne vieille mémoire pour leur mot-de-passe se demanderont sûirement comment il est humainement possible to memorize different passwords on each site (and God knows we attend multiple sites!), while the changing frequently (at least once per 2 months!) and that each of these passwords using characters special, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters, without les inscrire dans un fichier texte ou un fichier excel. Rassurez-vous , c'est pratiquement impossible à moins d'être un pur génie avec une mémoire phénomènale ! C'est pourquoi un logiciel gestionnaire de password will be your best friend (see Software word-of-pass in Part 2 of this article)!

Ces logiciels génèrent des mots-de-passe aléatoires selon les critères que vous désirez ( vous pouvez utilisez autant de caractères que vous désirez , vous pouvez utiliser ou ne not use certain types of characters, etc!). These words of pass and are stored in an encrypted file. The more paranoid among us will two copies of this file on two different usb keys: one that will be in a safe place like a safe, the other will follow you everywhere.

The encrypted file containing your keywords will pass to a word-of-password "master » que vous devrez mémoriser . Ce mot-de-passe doit également être sécuritaire , mais il existe des façons simples d'avoir un Password complicated while being easy to remember. For example, p hy not take a password like "So try to find my password band winery is 12345! "Or" My small cow 4 legs hurt, my password de passe est Bonzaï ». Ou alors , une définition choisie au hasard dans un dictionnaire , agrémentée de quelques symboles , peut être une bonne solution.

Now that you have the words complicated and different passwords, you feel safe is not it Yes? Well you're wrong! Still not safe. At the age of sites like Facebook, Myspace and Co., combined with the power of search engines like Google, it is now facile que jamais d'avoir accès à des informations personnelles sur vous . Ainsi , qu'arriverait-il si votre question Security was simply "What is your hobby? "And the answer was" Poker "? Or" What elementary school did you go? "And the answer is on your facebook profile visible to all? So be sure to have a safety issue ... safe!

Of plus, comme les mots-de-passe sont envoyés à votre adresse mail sur laquelle vous vous êtes enregistrées , il est TRÈS important verify that your security question to your Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail (or whatever) account is not simple. Often it is THE easiest way for a hacker to access your accounts. Once puts his hand on your Hotmail account, you can simply send a request to the poker sites like what you have forgotten your password, and then it will have access to your account. This is also a reason pour laquelle il vaut mieux éviter d'utiliser les ordinateurs publics ou l'ordinateur d'un autre pour accéder à vos comptes mail. À titre d'exemple , a friend came to my house and used my computer to lire ses mails. Lorsque j'ai repris mon ordinateur et que j'ai voulu lire mes propres mails, il ne s'était pas déloggé… et I found myself on ITS email account. If you ever wanted to, I could simply ask various poker sites send me the password!

Last word of caution: CHECK FOR phishing (phishing)!
What is Phishing? You've probably been the victim of a phishing attempt. Most of the time, it is rather easy to see the scam so that at times it is much more complicated!

You may remember having ever received at one time or another, an email written in French or English lame with several spelling errors Often the tone of the message is alarmist (the kind. "Quick Connect on your bank account because someone tried to le frauder »). Heureusement , vous n'êtes pas tombé dans le panneau et vous avez senti l'arnaque . Mais certaines tentatives phishing are rather well done. message you will click on a lien inscris http :// alors qu'en réalité , vous serez redirigé vers http :// ou , parfois , http :// qui will be exactly like the website of your bank. Once your username and password entered-of-the pirate site record these data and will now have access to your account. To avoid being a victim of phishing, make sure you always look at the bottom of your browser before clicking on the link to see where you are redirected. Avoid as much as possible to click on links received by email : réécrivez-les tout simplement dans votre barre d'adresse . Faites particulièrement attention lorsqu'un message officiel de votre banque contient plusieurs erreurs d'orthographes ou si le alarmist tone of the message is: there is a good chance that this is a phishing attempt.

PIN and RSA tokens:
Some sites like PokerStars have additional security measures. It is possible to apply for a PIN. Hacker must be able to have your password AND your PIN To apply for a PIN, you must log into your PokerStars account, click on "Account" on the menu bar in the lobby and then select "Login Settings." then click "Request new PokerStars PIN" and confirm. You will then receive an email containing your PIN. then you need to activate . To do this, log into your PokerStars account. Click "Account" on the menu bar in the lobby, then click on "Login Settings." Click on the box "PokerStars PIN" so that it is checked, then click OK. Follow the instructions and you will receive a confirmation message.

In the case of Pokerstars, it is also possible to have an RSA Security Token that contains a six-digit number changes every minute, so that the hacker must have your password and PIN, in addition to the small door key with an electronic number changes every minute. It becomes impossible to hack your account, even if a hacker discovers your password and PIN. This security token is available in the VIP STORE.