Holdem Genius

Overview of Holdem Genius:
Holdem Genius is a software focusing on your poker tables and allows to calculate in real time the pots odds and probabilities to improve your hand. Holdem Genius informs you also of the strength of your hand and gives you advice on action to take.
It is the same content that Calculatem Pro, but in different packaging. This is the same company that makes the software and features are identical.

Installation of Holdem Genius:
Must purchase a license to use Holdem Genius. However, installation is simple. Once you have purchased your license and you are seated at a table on one of the rooms of online poker HoldEm Genius-supported, you only have to move the window of HoldEm Genius on this poker table and "attach" the software at your poker table by clicking on the appropriate button. The process is relatively simple and fast.

Ease of use:
HoldEm Genius is easy to use. The interface is simple and very visual. You will therefore have access to the pot odds, probabilities and the boards of Holdem Genius in a single glance.

Holdem Genius attaches directly to your poker tables and calculates for you the pot odds. The software also evaluates your hand giving it a score between 0 and 100 and by readjusting this assessment throughout the hand.
Holdem Genius also gives you advice on what you should do; Unfortunately, this goes against the terms of use of some sites (including PokerStars), so that this function is sometimes disabled according to the website on which you play.

You can also adjust the boards according to the style of game you want to play (for example, you can configure the software so that it is tight or loose, your preference). On the other hand, the boards of Holdem Genius reflect so little factors that it is probably better to ignore completely.

Supported sites:
Most major online poker rooms are supported in Holdem Genius. You can find the full list here: http://www.holdemgenius.com/supported-poker-rooms.html .  The 'Council' function cannot be activated on PokerStars. Also, check with the site on which you play to make sure that the software is allowed.

Variations and types of games supported:
All variations of Hold'Em are supported by Holdem Genius.

Updates / support:
The updates are made on a regular basis. Support generally provides a response within 48 hours. The software can be installed in various languages, including the french.

Holdem Genius is expensive ($ 100/year) and its quality/price ratio is very low. Advice given by Holdem Genius during a hand are limited (the suggestions of the software are limited to "call", "raise", "fold") and these suggestions are often very poor. You will always lose money by following these suggestions to the letter, that will make you a loose-passive player.

Software is therefore just an expensive odds calculator.

PokerCollectif does not recommend Holdem Genius.