Tab Game Notes

This tab displays all the individual hands you've played.

This tab displays all the individual hands you've played.

As you can see on the two buttons at the top right ('Get next 100' and 'Get All'), only 100 hands are displayed by default. PT is done so to speed up l l tab display. To see the following 100 hands, click on 'Get next 100' or click on 'Get All' to see all hands. If you have no active d filter and you have a lot of hands, PT can 'freeze' for a few seconds or even a few minutes if you have a lot of hand (e.g.: 100 000). This is normal and PT will once again become functional once the contents of the array generated.

"Game Info"

Most of the fields in this section are quite simple to understand and are the same as the tab "session". He s acts of the said list of all hands. Select a hand (simple click) to see the detail of it in the bottom section. To see the "hand history" original, double click on a hand.
  • Game #: the hand number
  • Site: Site on which the hand was played
  • Date Played: Date on which the hand was played
  • Level: Level (blinds)
  • Table: Table name
  • The flop (5 colones): 5 cards of the flop in order
  • Kill: S it s is a Kill game, there is a hook in this section. (If you play on a table where there are games kill, only hands where there will be a 'kill game' will be checked
  • Pot: The pot amount
  • Rake: Rake amount
  • BBJP: Bad Bead Jack Pot. If in addition the rake, the site takes an additional amount for a jack pot. (Party only)
  • MGR: Rake / number of players in the hand. Useful for some bonus. (see the FAQ for the bonus)
  • NET: Amount net lost or won (including blinds)
  • BB: BB (big bets) Gains
  • Winner: Name of the player who won the main
  • Note: If you have a note on hand (see below)
  • Summary (last line of the table)
    • APH: Average Player Per Hand. Number of average players by hand.
    • TRH: Total Raked Hands. Number of hand that has been raked. This information is useful for some bonus (see the FAQ for the bonus). On the other hand, some sites will count as the hands that have been raked x ¢ or more. Therefore, there may be a discrepancy between your TRH and poker sites.
    • Rake: The next column is the rake paid by all players.
Section "Game Details".
  • BB/SB a hook indicates that you were on a blind
  • KB indicates the player who posted the Kill Bet in a kill game.
  • HC1/HC2 hole card 1 and hole card 2
  • PF - pre-flop
  • CR - check - raise
  • Final Hand your final hand

Remarks On Game

Enter notes on their hands in this section.