1.1 - code of conduct

Notes: These regulations are drawn from the "Robert's Rules of Poker" and translated from English to french by PokerCollectif. It is the latest version (version 11). These regulations are used in most casinos around the world and are, for the most part, compatible with the rules of the TDA.
You can download the entire document by clicking on the following link: (to come soon)

1.1 - code of conduct

The framework will attempt to maintain a pleasant environment for all our players, but we are not responsible for the conduct of each of them. We have established a code of conduct, and can deny the privilege to play our parts to anyone who does not submit. The following shall be prohibited:

-The collusion with another player or any other form of cheating.

-Be physically or verbally threatening anyone.

-Use of obscene language or grossiertes.

-Disturb by shouting, arguing or making excessive noise.

-Launch, RIP, fold or crease the cards.

-Destroy or damage property.

-Use an illegal substance.

-Carry a weapon.