The Best Odds in the House!

Choosing the best game for yourself can be hard. You need to be fairly familiar with each game and getting to grips with how each of them operates can be a costly endeavour if you don’t pick it up quickly or you get unlucky. So that you can go in fully prepared to win the next time you sit down to play some card games from Betfair: we’ve got this handy infographic which  gives you a breakdown of the different benefits and downsides to each game, with a focus on the house edge, pay-outs and the jackpots on offer so you can pick the game that’s right for you!

The first thing you really need to identify is what you’re looking for in a game – are you after the lowest house edge so your odds are better, or are you searching for the the biggest jackpot in the casino?

Looking at the six games we’ve examined below you can get a good feel for the different styles of play that are available. If you’re wanting a low house edge then card games are what you need to be keeping an eye out for – blackjack, baccarat and video poker offer low edge games which all give you a better chance to win. The trade off is that you’re not likely to be making huge amounts of money unless you play for a long time or place some heavy bets.

If you’re after that big jackpot giving you a massive return, you’ll need to look at the riskier table games with the better pay-outs. Roulette’s most dicey bet will see a return of 30 to 1 and could quickly turn 100 chips into 3,000 if you’re lucky. If you manage to hit the jackpot on slots, your winnings could be in the millions! The downside is that the odds aren’t in your favour, the house edge on these games tends to be significantly higher than the edge on card games.

While these stats might change depending on the exact version of the game you’re playing, the rough rules should hold whether you’re playing mobile casino games or in a regular land casino. To give you an easy primer to the casino before you even step foot inside, just read on and see what the stats are!