The World’s 5 Most Expensive Casinos

So you’ve won the jackpot gambling – congratulations!

Now what do you do with all this money that you’ve now got? Well, how about we invest that and build you your OWN casino! There’s plenty of options for making sure that you stand out from the crowd, you could pick a theme that nobodies done before? That’s always good for drawing some attention.

Ooh, or you could just make sure you have the best odds around by lowering the House Edge, that’s a sure-fire way to get them in the door. Except that it’s probably also going to cost you more in the long run so that’s out too, whether it’s for blackjack, roulette or online slots.

Maybe you should just make the BEST casino possible, sink as many millions as you can into it and make a proper integrated resort that’ll just wow everyone! If that’s your goal, perhaps we can give you an idea how much you should expect to pay to create a casino resort that trumps all the others. Below is an infographic that gives you an idea how much the most expensive casino’s out there cost to build, maybe you can afford one yourself?