Top 10 Jobs at a Casino

Casino jobs can be extremely lucrative even if they only seem to offer a minimum wage, as the tips are quite healthy in this industry. An employee will usually be earning a lot more money than a regular job on a minimum wage and it is largely due to the tips. Furthermore, the industry also has an extremely attractive promotion policy that results in existing employees being promoted to new positions rather than bringing in new candidates from the outside. As a result, an employee who has started at the bottom can soon find himself in a well-paying and attractive job within a few years. This has made a casino job one of the sought-after amongst job seekers.

Getting the Interview

The casino’s official page is often the best way to get information about the new openings. This is especially the way to go when it comes to the iGaming industry. For example, Microgaming – a key supplier of games like Thunderbolt for major casinos like Betway Casino and brands owned by Evoke Gaming – often lists the various openings at its official site. Once an opening has been identified, the candidate can apply online for most of the jobs.

Top 10 Jobs Available in the Casino Industry:

This happens to be one of the most lucrative options for anyone trying to get into the casino industry as an employee. The primary duty of a dealer is to interact with the single or multiple players at a table assigned to them. They have to be quite intelligent to determine a reshuffle, dispense winnings, and identify cheaters. The multifaceted role pays a minimum of $17,000 and a maximum of $53,000. However, the tips from this job are quite substantial.

Wait Staff

A waiter – in almost every facet of the casino – happens to be a lucrative job. Candidates need to be professional and have enough knowledge capable of addressing various questions that may come their way. Since the waiter will also encounter different types of people with varying moods, they need to stay calm and address the needs of the guest at all times. Even though the base wage may not be lucrative, the tips can be quite handsome.

Gaming Surveillance Officer

Even today, casinos encountering a lot of people who are trying to make money off the games through illegitimate means. Casinos have tried to nab such offenders as soon as possible through a range of technologies and dedicated personnel, who are headed by the gaming surveillance officer. This position may not require a whole lot of educational qualification but keen observation skills are essential. The job gets very little perks but the salary is quite decent rate of around $35,000 per year.

Pit Boss

This position carries a lot of responsibility, as it requires the individual to keep legitimate customers happy by weeding out the troublemakers from the floor. It is certainly one of the toughest jobs around, as the pit boss has to monitor every aspect of the casino. Not too long ago, the pit boss used to be completely responsible for every element that went on the casino floor but today they are assisted by a slew of technologies – including high-end cameras. This is one of the high paying jobs on the floor with an average wage of around $20 per hour.

Gaming Manager

The gaming manager is a position where a person is in charge of the entire floor. In many ways, it is similar to the pit boss job with the crucial difference being the requirement of a high school degree. Honesty and trustworthiness are key facets that help in getting the job. A poker professional may certainly on much more, but the gaming manager is one of the high paying jobs with an average salary of around $81,000 per year. Experience is also crucial towards getting the job.

slotechSlot Technician

Slot games are the most attractive element at a casino and it is even true in the case of online casinos, which have been around for more than two decades. In the case of a regular brick and mortar casino, these games to be maintained on a regular basis. Technicians are employed for this purpose and they would intervene in the case of a problem. They would also need to perform regular maintenance. This job pays around $35,000 per year and can lead to higher positions within the industry.

Cage Cashier

This is a position that does not require any formal degree. Instead, a high school diploma is sufficient to get the role of a cage cashier, which is one of the minimum wage roles at a casino. The candidate is required to issue chips and coins to the customers. They should also cash out the chips when the player completes their session at the casino. This job pays around $25,000 per year.


Casinos have today become more like resorts with their ability to pamper guests. A front-desk receptionist is often one of the first ways through which a player interacts with the casino personnel. Apart from operating at a fast pace, this job also needs a lot of patience. It pays around $20,000 per year.


The valet is often the first to greet a customer and probably the last to thank them after their time at the casino. Hence, this job is often regarded as the casino’s face. The valet dispatcher has to possess a smiling face and have the ability to handle a variety of cars. The valet usually makes around $20,000 per year.


The modern casinos have now evolved to offer so much more than just games. They are capable of providing sophisticated food at in-house star-rated restaurants. The Executive Chef role in such restaurants is a sought-after job, as it can be quite well. Crucially, there is a strong possibility of moving up in the career. The base pay, however, is quite moderate at around $40,000 but it can grow quite substantially as the years roll-on.