29 July: A filled party games

My holiday was very amusing. My friends and I played 18 holes, then another 9 holes in a scramble match speed. I played horribly wrong despite my two hours of practice just before the party.

My holiday was very amusing. My friends and I played 18 holes, then another 9 holes in a scramble match speed. I played horribly wrong despite my two hours of practice just before the party. I started in the driving range hitting the ball pretty well, and then go practice my chips and my putts for over an hour. Then I went back to the driving range to hit some balls before my round ... and I struck through each of them ("shank" for golfers). I could not understand why these horrible shots, but eventually I figured it had to be caused by my session chips. My sessions chips destroy my tracks and make me take bad habits such as pivots overturned, strikes too many sides, elk incomplete, etc.. I will finish well by me out, but at the time, it was very discouraging.

After the round of golf, we went to eat, then went back home. My mother and my wife were then each given a gift. Lori bought me the SkyCaddie, since she knew that it was a gift that I really wanted, and my mother has completely surprised me with his gift. It was a context in which there was a letter that was written to him when I was 10. The letter said:

Pineway Public School September 11, 1984

Dear Mrs. Negreanu

I write to you concerning the telephone conversation we had together this Tuesday, September 11, 1984.

I want you to understand clearly that I will not tolerate the lack of etiquette and behavior problems your son Daniel.

As you seem to always stand up for your son and apologize, I will have no choice but to expel him if he continues to ignore the rules of the school.


JK McNaughton


This really is the funniest thing I have received from my life! I was a little troublemaker, which explains a lot I guess. My Jamaican bregren used to call me "Little Rough Tough," which later became "Lickle Ruff Head." I fought regularly, simply because I refused to be intimidated. The sturdiest children wanted my skin (I was the youngest in my class), but I'm not lowered my arm. Instead, I would bite, I gave them kicks, knees, or anything that would allow me to give them a message that I would not be an easy prey. My winning percentage would not scare someone like Floyd Mayweather, but it was not as bad as you can imagine. I got butt kicked repeatedly, but I got the top most of the time.

To return to my party, after the period of gifts, we started a party a "decathlon" games: Snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, Mille, Cho Dai Di (also known as Chinese Poker or Big Deuce "), bowling on the Wii, and more. I spent the whole 27 to rest while listening to some films. The Holiday, X-Men, etc. That evening, I received a call about some semi-private poker at the Bellagio in Hollywood taking place the next day at 10 am. This is a private party, but they allowed me to participate. After thinking about it, I decided that after all I had a great desire to play some cards.

To make things clear, no Las Vegas casino can offer private parties, can not prevent other players to join the game. To ensure that other players join the select group, 9 players show 10 am typing and other guests may possibly play do the same to add their name to the waiting list.

Hey Well, I left the table at 2am when it was all over and only one player outside the elite group was able to play with us. It was a very heterogeneous mixture was present, such as certain celebrities and important people in Hollywood. A wide range of personalities as well, ranging from the noisy and fun player to computer, quiet and concentrated. Add to that Erick Lindgren and Kenny Tran (professional players) and you get a great mix of players for a game of NL Hold'em with lots of action and fun.

I was literally on fire throughout the session, before and after the one-hour break for supper. I had to have something like 50 suites (straight) in total, and each time my opponents had two pair or a set. It was incredible! I finished about 1 300 bets. This is huge for a 16 hour session.

Despite the fact that this part was different from typical tables of Bellagio, in the sense that it was a private party, I worried a bit about how I would be perceived improbable winning streak. I realized pretty quickly that everyone gathered at the table had ample means to play these limits and losing would not change the life of anyone. It's change, and I really enjoyed it, frankly, to see these people lose huge amounts of money, but still be able to smile and send you a sincere "nice hand."

There had also been some sophisticated games. In particular, one of Hollywood bigwigs surprised me with a move, one after another, no less, I will definitely add to my arsenal of moves. He showed me his cards before the flop after I lay my hand, and then managed to steal two huge pots with no pair, no draw, nothing nothing nothing! By cons, if I had not seen his cards, I must say that I would have been willing to bet it was a damn good game twice. It was a performance worthy of an Oscar, especially coming from a guy who is not an actor, but one who is supposed to sign their big checks!

Speaking of good game, Kenny Tran is perhaps not a household name, even if it has almost achieved the impossible, is to win the $ 50,000 HORSE and the WSOP Main Event, but if he played more tournaments, there is no doubt that it would be better known.

I have not played much with Kenny since maybe 2001 when we competed in some c ash games. I remember at the time, he was too curious, too impulsive and too manic. I saw talent there, but it was still very poorly exploited in my opinion. By cons, after seeing him play all day and having witnessed several times when he unveiled the game of successful people, I finally understood why so many players see it as one of the best games in c ash. His skills with the cards and read people are épeurantes. I find gifted me these two qualities, but readings games Kenny simply blew me away. It was fantastic (wink) to see it go.

What's funny is that Kenny does not play online. If there playing, I do not think it would by cons, but if you bring the majority of the best online players in the world at the Bellagio to play against him, I think he boufferait all round. It includes things in poker that are not written in books. Reading clues (tells) go far beyond that unusual movements or facial tics. How people play with their cards, they look at their cards again or not, what they say, etc.. any clue that could give him the authority to determine with great accuracy what these people have information like maps.

He said aloud my cards (as with several players) in a situation to say the least bizarre, it was either by extreme luck or it was by super advanced capabilities. I will not share with you the "why" that put me on the next hand, but here: The flop was Jh 5s 3d. A player before me put in a pot to 5 people and I called that bet. Kenny, at this point, put me on 5-7. Turn the J gave my opponent still bet, I raised and he folde ... and I just 5-7! It may not seem so unusual in itself, but if you had seen him do in quick succession, you would see that it was not just coincidence. He took a flight with his "radar" and was bang on the correct answer.

I have not played much live poker this year, but I'm really glad I accepted this invitation. A group of winners in life and people who can who are able to take. No comments have been made ugly to another player or the casino managers and especially no dealer has suffered verbal abuse from another player and it ensures that I enjoyed the everything.

Tomorrow I fly to Montreal for a few days to shoot a show of poker and I'll be back in Las Vegas on August 1.