July 26: Plans for my birthday

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday and when my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, it had to sound like any other dream day for me
Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday and when my wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, it had to sound like any other dream day for me:

1. Course. He did not particularly beautiful in Las Vegas recently, which is really strange for me. I spent a week in Vancouver and it rained throughout. The day I returned to Las Vegas to play golf, we were attacked by the rain on the 7th hole. Completely wetted with lightning that sent us warnings, so we retired early at the Clubhouse. Unlike Vancouver, the rain soon stopped and we could return to finish our round of golf.
Tomorrow, the temperature perfect announcement with peaks in 100 °. My plan is to go to the field to 13: 30 and hit a few balls in the field of practice. My routine is:
Good hit about 5 balls with a Pitching Wedge
Good hit about 5 balls with a 9 iron
Hit about 7-10 good balls with a 7-iron
Good hit about 5 balls with a 5-iron
Hit about 10 balls with a good 3 wood
Good hit about 5 balls with my driver.

From there, I go to the area to make chips with my Sand Wedge and I hit a bucket of balls at a distance of about 50 yards, then another bucket at a distance of 30 yards. Then I head in a sand trap until it is ready. Then I make my chips with wedge until I feel I control well. Finally, I go to the practice green where I focus more on speed rather than on the outcome.
While I'm at the stage of the practice green, my friends will be reached and will hit some balls. At 15: 00, we begin our 18 holes. My favorite golf group consists of my two friends in Toronto, Sam and Tyson, and Ted "TED! "Park (This is a joke between us, I'll explain later).
Ted gives me 5 shots and Sam and I have substantially the same level, the latter giving me 1 or 2 shots. And Tyson, I think I gave him a last time. Normally, we play at TPC Summerlin, unless it falls on a Monday when we play golf Sam, the Spanish Trail.

2. After golf, it's time for supper. Sometimes it is only my three partners, other times we invite other people. We're not going to a fancy place, especially considering that nobody is freshly shaved and everyone wears a baseball cap in addition to the "special" smell that could possibly have after a hot day in Vegas. Tomorrow, despite the fact that my mother is given for cooking (which surprise huh), we'll have supper at one of my favorite restaurants: Paymon's. Dinner comes with cocktails, sake if we take sushi, maybe some Peronis to Paymon's and maybe even wine.

3. My house. Now, we no longer out in bars, really ever. It's either with me or with Ted, because we each essentially is: a pool table and Wii. The evening usually begins with a few games of pool, or the 8-ball or 9-ball. Depending on who is present, we can either make or tournament then play in teams of two. A match means Tyson and I (respectively # 3 and # 2 favorite) each playing our turn against Sam and "TED!" If Sam and "TED!" Fared well against our team, we return to the formula Sam and Ted. What is the difference? Hey well, and Sam in "TED!" Mode, Sam has a habit of emptying skillfully table when it is his turn. Ted is the worst player in the quartet, so we like to make fun of. When he managed to pocket a ball, he was told things like, "Good boy TED! You played well. ". It takes great tips ... especially if Sam is there to clear the table!
Before I forget, I promised to offend some, so here is: the 8-ball and 9-ball snooker are what the ladies are chess. In fact, the 8-ball and 9-ball are really zero variants compared to the Cadillac billiards billiards: snooker. This game is so much more fascinating, but will never be popular in America, like soccer, cricket and all sports slow pace that will never happen to break into a culture accustomed speed. America seems to have for instant fame. For example, a game like cricket does not offer what American enthusiasts demand with the slow action and less sustained than a sport like basketball in the NBA.
Snooker takes longer to play the 8-ball and 9-ball, but in my humble opinion, this extra time is well worth it to stimulate his mind and think of a more refined strategy. My game of snooker is almost the opposite of my poker game. I am a poker player magnet aggressive risk taking, but snooker I have a style more akin to those of Tony Cousineau / Scotty Nguyen, seeking situations with a high percentage of the more conservative approach. This approach has enabled me to perform well against often better than me, because I can make them frustrated enough that they make more mistakes. I often played with Evelyn Ng there are more than 10 years, and I think if you ask her, she would say she hated playing pool against me because I play too conservative (too tight)! ! Hey, if necessary.
In short, the reason I'm talking about snooker is that I finally received my snooker balls that I ordered online. My table is a little too small for the snooker, it is a 9 feet, but if we play 6 red balls, it will still be a lot of fun. Sam and Tyson grew up in Toronto where snooker is still practiced regularly, while Ted will probably green, but we will make sure to teach him. With 6 red balls, I guess that disability should be something like:
Sam: 0
Daniel: 4
Tyson: 12
Ted: 20

Once you get tired of playing pool, we will often play a freezeout at low cost. The last two times we play 2-7 NL single draw. I won the first time and finished second against a young brat without TPC Summerlin Engineering who drew for 2 and completed his hand ALL the time. Brutal, $ 140 thrown into the sea

At the same time, the world would take their shot at the Wii, which is usually a good way to end the evening. Last night, playing only a part, I offered my best ever, 257.

The evening usually ends between 8am and 2pm, and usually returns to play billiards. It does not take me much to be happy on my birthday, and as my wife asked me what would be an ideal birthday, I told him it would be a day like any other.


Some additions to my schedule caught my eye:

30 July-1 August I will be in Montreal for a television with several NHL players.
August 6 -8 I am in Vail Colorado for other public appearances.
August 13-20 I will be in Las Vegas to participate in a really cool issue which I can not talk right now.
August 21 I will go to the Manila in the Philippines for the first poker tournament in the Asian Pacific Poker Tour, sponsored by PokerStars EPT is also sponsor of the Tour will be my next destination.

Add to that my already long list of trips and this brings a lot of long flights on the menu. I think it is a 16-hour flight to the Philippines, followed by another 16 hours to go to Barcelona for the EPT tournament. Then I'll probably in London for the European WSOP, but I'm not sure I can play it, due to circumstances beyond my control. I'd like to play, but if things are not resolved quickly, I'm going to cancel everything. I think everything will be resolved, but I still have not heard whether I should play in these tournaments.

As for my poker career online, it's crazy how I'm bad! I left $ 200 as you know to go up $ 6,107 just before squandering $ 6,000 playing on two tables $ 75 - $ 150 Omaha H / L on PokerStars. The parties were juicy, but I took a few bad beats and frankly, losing $ 6000 is not particularly much to these limits. Know what I'll do next, I have not decided yet. There are people who transferred me money on my account, is that it is not a little strange all this? Someone sent me $ 15.09 and another $ 6.44, etc.., But most of these gifts are for pennies. Hey, move over! Continue to send money, your donations are welcome! Haha

I'm pretty happy with my game right now, but it's hard for me to do well online, especially in multiple games. The higher limits are not so much a problem, but when I sit in the lower stakes tables or even in tournaments, watch the cat can catch fire. Pay attention to this cat makes it impossible to continue the party, something which I've pretty much difficulty attention. I do not think I'll be able to become a very good player online and I've accepted this fact there has that long. I am currently watching to return to the road. No distractions, just poker, hotel rooms, poker, hotel rooms and so on. I am excellent in these conditions, which may seem strange, but hey, you do what works for us, right?

In addition, I also provided a lot of writing in my time, whether my columns for CardPlayer, my articles for a newspaper, or indeed for my book project. There never has enough time in a day. That, and the gigantic projects for Full Contact Poker and upcoming changes. As you know, the fund is no longer active in the field of online poker, former players have been transferred on PokerStars, but the FCP forum and its community still exist and will continue to grow, especially with the project s' coming.

Ok, I've said it all and I'm tired, it's time to go to bed for a super fun day tomorrow!