Is it necessary to change your style of play online?

mattlessingerIf you have already read some of my articles, you know I think much to varying his game. If you always play the similar hands in the same way, you become predictable and most observers players will have you. C is why I give never answer directly when someone asks me how it should play such type of hand. Instead, j explains that in certain situation, a strategy can be better qu another and only occasionally, it is better d use one less good to stay unpredictable.

Obviously, there's some situation where it n exists as a correct way to play. But when you find yourself faced with a difficult situation (where you're wondering if the right choice would be to relaunch your hand or simply call the bet), where the two choices would be reasonable, then you should not too lose money d even if you take the 'wrong' decision. Perhaps that you will arrive at the conclusion that restart is the right thing to do. In this case, you should restart it most of the time in this kind of situation, but also call d other time to leave your opponent in doubt as to your style of play.

J have always adhered to this way of thinking, as much for the local poker clubs for poker online. However, many of my friends who play poker online vary that very rarely their style of play and have exceptional results. They m made realize that n is not necessary online vary his style of play. J have noted several reasons that leave me thinking what they are right. Without no particular order, here are the ones I see as the three most important:

Reason #1 of larger sites means more d adversaries

It is necessary to vary your style of play online when you frequently encounter the same opponents. For example, when you play your local poker club, the volume of customer is "regular". Your style of play should be varied, without which even the worst players will notice your style after having played so much time with you.

The same is true if you play on small sites. Because they have a small pool of players, you might see the same "faces" regularly. Thus, you might have more success if you avoid becoming predictable.
However, my friends and I play on the biggest three sites of online poker, which has each and at any time, thousands of players. It is rare to see the same players repeatedly, even at high limits.
There is an if continuous influx of new blood it takes often days or even weeks, before we review these opponents. This gives us little reason to vary our strategies.

Reason #2 a lack of Visual association

When you play against an opponent at your local poker club, you usually made the association between his actions and appearance. Maybe the young with a baseball cap like raise with a random color, or the old man with facial tics put that s it has the nuts. Consciously or not, you note what they have l air. Then, if we meet them again another day, there are chances that we identify them and recall of their style of play.

Online, you simply play against a name. (Indeed, some sites allow to download an image next to your name, but the image can be changed. This is the name which remains). Sometimes the name is unusual, and helps you to remind you. But unless you n have a very good memory, do you remember probably not all your opponents who have more common names.

-What does mean to you? This means that you can find a smart player name that will receive the compliments of your opponents, n is not in your best interest. My friends and I all have a simple name that typically includes indefinable figures. In other words, our names called no attention to ourselves. In this way, when we apply the same invariable style of the game, it is less likely that our opponents noted.

Reason #3 of shorter sessions

D intuition, I would guess only an average session of District club lasts about four times longer than the session online average. Unless you live exceptionally close to your local club, it takes a certain effort of s reach, which means that you will probably not hurry d is starting. You will probably stay in the same table for at least a couple d hours, and you'll probably play against these opponents for much of that time. Therefore, you will want to vary your style of play before it becomes worn.
Obviously, online poker is different. Not only it is very easy to access but in addition, changing table is very easy. If you are the kind of players to regularly change table, changing your style of play will be nonsense. Unless you decide to remain on the same table for a good number of times, it is likely that you were only playing shortly with the same people. If you notice that some players remain at your table several hours, it might be useful to slightly change your style of play when confront them you. Otherwise, change your style of play to the other players will be a waste of time.

Easy solution: take notes

When you play online, it's so easy to take notes on other players and yet, very few people take the time to do so. S they did, permanently, you should regularly change your style of play. Any player who sees you adopt a certain style can take note. And even s he played more for months, this note will remain still registered. In addition, most sites display a note next to the player on which you have notes, alerting you so d go read.

Luckily for you, online poker has many lazy players. By chance, only some will have notes on you thereby making unnecessary changes in styles of play. Instead of wasting your time to vary your style, focus only on the best game possible in all situations.

My confessions

In conclusion, I must confess that I feel a bit silly. I played poker online for over six years, and it took me all this time to realize that I had probably wasted my energy by changing my style of play. Of course, I still think that this is an essential exercise in friendly games or at your local club. But finally, I am convinced that in the majority of the parts online, it is unnecessary and a waste of time to change its style of play. The reasons listed above will know, I l hope, convince you.
Translation: Jean-François mercury