Gambling and women

For the lifetime of the gambling houses in the community formed a strong stereotype that gambling in a casino – is only for men. The roots of this stereotype leads back to ancient times, since women in all ages were considered homemakers and did not have such rights as men. Women were supposed to take care of children, cooking, cleaning and other household chores. In ancient Rome, women were not allowed to be in the Senate and attend workshops, at which men drank wine and played a variety of gambling games.

History and statistics in gambling

At the end of the 18th century, many girls and women had to defend their rights and fight against patriarchy. the feminist movement has its roots in the reform movement of the 19th century of the Western society. At present, men and women have equal rights in the society, but still for some reason a game in the casino considered to be the MEN ONLY game. Although in recent years due to widespread of online and live casino, many girls began to play and make strategies in online gambling, and if we look at the statistics, we can see that in the live casino games playing about 61% of men and 39% women. Modern men and women work on an equal basis and at the same time about returning home. But woman also has the responsibility for preparing dinner, playing with children and problems of everyday life (in most of families), the man at this time most likely do nothing, maybe that’s why the percentage of the men in gambling is bigger than women.

Girls - gamblers

Besides, women react to their losses and winnings much more emotional than men. They experience greater distress when they lose and the more joy when win. Many men are still skeptical about the female players and do not perceive them as serious opponents. However, many well-known poker-women-players not only play poker on a par with men, but also do it much more professional than many of them.
By their nature, girls are more reckless, they are attracted not only by gambling, but also the atmosphere of the traditional or live casino. Many women love to play on the high stakes and the risks in order to feel the sweet taste of victory. At the moment number of the professional players among women is much lower than among men.

We appeal to our readers! Dear girls! If you are interested in gambling, do not believe those men who claim that the casino games created exclusively for the “stronger” sex. Do not forget that you have the same rights as men and can play a much more professional than many men. Remember that Fortuna - female, play, find her and beat male stereotypes! Good luck!

And please remember!

Whatever you do it is very important to share this with your family and loved ones. It is especially important to do this when it comes to the “hobbies”, in which the financial risk present in high numbers. Explain to the family that it is just a fad, and, most likely, they will understand you and help you. Remember, you shouldn’t keep any secrets from your family!