Summary of the last days in Macau

MacaoNanonokoLast week, PokerCollectif spoke you of cash games, which were held in Macau ( We now offer you the latest news on these cash games high limits.


First, note that Johnny Chan won the sum of 1.4 million dollars. Who can boast of winning so much money playing poker in so little time? The details of the hands played are not yet known. Good run? Incredible game? If the hands become public, PokerCollectif mentioned you them in the days to come.


There not that big winners during these cash games, but also big losers. According to several credible sources, Tom "durrrr" Dwan would lose $ 2.6 million. Unfortunately for him, he won't chance to continue on the tables because he lost his passport. He was forced to return to the United States for this reason.

Among the other players present to these cash games, Patrik Antonius and Guy Laliberté. Difficult to explain why, but Antonius was unable to join the Hold'em tables' no limit because Laliberté had a right of veto (the right of the last word) and Guy refused Antonius sits at his table because he felt Antonius too tight preflop (where it has this right of veto might ask?)

Instead of playing Hold'em, Antonius played the OLP with Andrew "good2cu" Robl and others. The blinds were $ 640 / $1280.

Nanonoko won 3.7 HKD

During this grind, the ultimate grinder Nanonoko won 3.7 million HKD (483 K USD) by finishing first in the 5 Macau APPT Main Event. Among the players who participated in this tournament, Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, Alex Kravchenko, Nacho Barbero and many other pros! Altogether, 575 players entered this tournament!

This performance is all the more impressive that Randy Lew was shortstack when he sat on the final table.

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