Play on two or more tables at once

By Erick Lindgren

LindgrenMost of the players know what it is fun and easy to play on several tables at once when l play poker online. Early in my career, I played on eight tables and more at a time, on a daily basis. Here are some tips for multi - tabler correctly:

1 increase resolution of your monitor. You can do this pressing the right mouse button when you are on the desktop. Then choose 'properties '. Then click on 'settings '. You can move your arrow to access a higher resolution.
If possible, use the 1,600 x 1,200 resolution to put four tables on the same screen without them n encroach one on the other. To maximize the quality of the image, make sure that your video card supports high definition.
2. Once you've spent l step to play more d one table at a time, attempt to locate the hands you can folder automatically. Use advanced actions to be done. This will help you focus on the real hands.
3. play the same type of part on each table. This will prevent you from making mistakes of all kinds and you can more easily find your rhythm.
4. most important: identify those who raise a pot. Make sure d mentally identify the initial raiseur in order to know how you play the hand in the future. It may seem simple, but it is common to play a pot and not remembering that raisé the pot initially when you play on multiple tables.
5. take breaks. When I played on eight tables at a time, I was an animal. I ran to the bathroom and upon my return, all tables sounded me that c was my turn to speak. Take a few breaks. You can replay once income, do not worry!

Multi-tabler is really pleasant and j hope to see you on a table soon. Or on the tables!

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