Recovery in sandwich

By Phil Gordon

GordonSuppose as an opponent in the first position an opponent Stuart revival and is caller by one or more players. Now, there are lot of money in the pot. More importantly, these players have not certainly a hand with which you can caller a big revival. S they had such a hand, they would have probably raised instead of simply caller. Now c is for me to play.

I take the initial raiseur sandwiched by relaunching it securely.

If I managed to sleep the initial raiseur, chips will probably come from my side.

I prefer to do this kind of game the blinds and the button; s happened as one of the blinds wakes up with a good hand, it makes no difference that with what the first raiseur has relaunched and my cat died.

I maximizes this "sandwich" when I have about 15 BB. For example, I'm on the SB. A player Stuart raises in early position of 3 x the BB. Two players call. There are now 10.5 blinds into the pot. I look at my cards and found 87 s.

I raise all in.

The original raiseur now has the difficult decision of caller that raise significant. Even if my timing is bad and as it has a big hand say AK and qu he decides to caller my recovery, I remain in a good position. My 78 s will beat his AK approximately 41% of the time. J've invested 15BB to win 37BB. J have exactly the sides to make this game.

I will not make this game with a hand that can easily be dominated as Ax or Kx. I don't want to be 25% or less chance of winning the hand if I'm calle.

And playing in this way (in all), j completely cancels my disadvantage of the position and withdrew my shortstack maximum. With all my money in the pot, I can't be outplaye after the flop

If you're hungry chips, go ahead with the sandwich. You n will have qu to find the right time.