Should I stay or leave?

By Jennifer Harman

Jennifer HarmanBeing a winning poker player is not just what to play the right cards c is also due to make good decisions. And there is an important decision that you take whenever you sit down at a table: should I stay or leave the table?

When should you continue to play?

I see so many players playing short periods so as they are winners and d others play long hours so as they are losers.
When you win at a table, c is that there are at least a few players at your table who are losers. And when these players are losers, c is that they probably don't play their best. But you Yes.

When you win, the other players fear you; you have a good image at the table. And when you have a good picture to a table, you can achieve things that you can't when you have a bad image or that you are losing. For example, you can bluff more. Usually, a bad player will be afraid to play a pot against a winning player. then, it will become easier for you to pick up more pots. You can represent more hands because your opponents will believe you hit several of flops.

The only time where it is advisable to leave when you win is when you are tired or when you start playing poorly.

When should you leave?

Many players do not see the right time to quit when they are losers. You must remember as there will always be another part of upcoming poker. If it is not tomorrow or the next day or the next week, it will be another day. I see poker as a single session periodically interrupted that will last all the time in my career. So, if I lose more than 30 big bets in a part, I usually leave the table.

There are several reasons why I do that. Firstly, because if I lose much money d a day, I do feel really hot the next day. Which means that the next day, I won't be at my best. I'll have to take a few days back to the vacuum in my head. Secondly, when I lose 30 big bets in a table, c is necessarily that I did not play my best poker. Perhaps I can m imagine that I play my 'A game', but in reality, I do not play it surely. You cannot be objective enough with your game when you lose. After all, we are not robots, only human beings human.