3.1 - regulations governing the buyin (cave)

Notes: These regulations are drawn from the "Robert's Rules of Poker" and translated from English to french by PokerCollectif. It is the latest version (version 11). These regulations are used in most casinos around the world and are, for the most part, compatible with the rules of the TDA.
You can download the entire document by clicking on the following link: (to come soon)

3.1. the buy-in (cave) regulations.

1. When you enter a table, you need to do a buy-in full for this game in particular. The minimum purchase limit poker is at least 10 times the maximum bet of the played limit, unless otherwise specified.

2. it is permitted to make a partial only buy-in by party. Adding tokens to his carpet is not a buy-in and can be done as many times as desired between two hands.

3. a victim of a forced transfer player can continue to play with the same carpet, even if it is less than the minimum buy-in. A player who changes table voluntarily must have a required minimum at least equal to the buy-in carpet.