New book: Jonathan Little on the cash games lives

A new book just published by D & B: Jonathan Little We Live No-Limit Cash Games 2 - The practice

As you will have divine, the 400-page book deals for cash games lives, but in a very practical way. What we mean by "practice" is that it is the presentation of 105 hands that the author has already played.


The hands will be presented to you and you will then have to answer questions of the author, a sort of quiz to test your knowledge of poker.

This book follows on from volume 1 of Little in which the author dealt with theoretical questions about poker. In this regard, you can read the summary that we in fact.

Among the topics discussed: action preflop, how to play when you are the aggressor, how to play when you're in position, how to take account of related sizes stacks, etc. Many examples of books will be used to refine your game.

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It is also possible to purchase the book on Amazon in the amount of $ 26.30

You can read it here an excerpt from the book.

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