Poker software pirated torrent

You have downloaded a software of poker on a torrent site, thinking they could save a few tens of dollars by illegally using software without paying? Attention! Without wanting to morality, you could be in danger!

First, the software like HEM and PT3 require regularly for updates. Whenever a poker site is a major up-to-day of its software, there's risk that your software no longer able to read the hands. As you do not have a registered version of the software, you may not be able to make the necessary mise-à-jour.

Then, you are never sure if the software is free of keylogger or virus. In wanting to save less than $ 100, you find yourself then risk losing much more! For example, if the software included a keylogger, you could get your poker accounts to hack: the programmer will have to register each button you press when you enter your password on the poker sites and voila! Otherwise, it could also simply transmit information from your hand (your "hole cards"), to sit on the same table that you and slowly drain your account.

Finally, in doing so, you do not encourage the creators of software who have probably worked hard to offer you quality software.

In the case of Hold'Em Manager and PokerTracker (which are probably two poker software which people attempt to hack more), why not just use a software 'open source' as FreePokerDatabase? This software is free and more than enough for players to micro limits. And if you're a player of + high limits, why not spend half a buy-in to purchase the software rather than trying to hack it?