Poker RNG - discover the algorithm of online poker rooms

What is Poker RNG?
PokerRNG has the claim to sell software to decrypt the random formula of different poker sites, and thus predict common cards and cards of your opponents. PokerRNG, the software must first build its database before being reliable. At the end of 2000 hands, PokerRNG said that their software is reliable 99.9%.

How it works?
According to Poker RNG, you must manually enter your cards so that Poker RNG view the algorithm behind these entries. According to them, the hands must go to the River to count and should be at least 2000 hands for whatever reliable 99.9%. Then the software will be able to predict your opponents cards and the flop.

How many ca cost?
Nothing less than around $ 500.

It works really?
Of course not! If you had discovered such a program, is what you venderiez $ 500 to the risk that the program is broadcast everywhere and risking possibly software does work more? Or is that you would make millions playing poker keeping this secret software?
It is so long to have 2000 hands played up the river and enter each manually cards you might have for several weeks to click on each of the cards without stopping... time to realize that you done tricked!
Poker RNG is nothing less that an algorithm is, which creates random numbers according to the listed entries. Poker RNG does that connect to a script on their web site and replace ascii by other code.

You can find videos on Youtube for this purpose:
{youtube} y2ZDNng-1KE {/ YouTube}

Still not convinced? And know well that online poker sites use more arithmetic methods for the random generation of numbers now long, which makes it totally impossible that this software works.

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