Bet on hockey (NHL)

Sports betting on hockey are very popular in Quebec. After all, hockey is a religion for many people here. It is therefore self-evident that some bettors want to profit from their knowledge on this sport.  Although some punters will use paris to complement the issues of a party and that they will rely only on their hearts rather than reason, it is important to push the analysis much further if you wish to bet on the serious and frequently NHL hockey... this hobby could soon cost you! So how to bet on the NHL and "beat the odds"? Simply taking account of all factors in order to have the advantage over those who bet of emotional manner.

If you are a casual punter and you want to take as little time as possible to make your bet, simply take the time to choose the best rated among the best sports betting sites, fun and respect your budget! Intuitively, maybe your extensive knowledge on the NHL hockey allow you to leave winning.

On the other hand, if you're a serious bettor (or wishing to become) and want to place bets on NHL hockey, you will have interest to take into account a multitude of factors when comes the time to place your bets: the classification of the team, the history between the two clubs, the calendar, the guardian starting, injuries and suspensionthe issues, the momenthum, the place where plays the team and the sides. There's no tricks to bet on hockey. Simply analyses that require time and research, but which will enable us to gain an edge over the casual bettor. The serious bettor money comes more often than other money of these emotional punters. So be aware analyse different factors in order to take advantage of your bets on NHL.

1 - The classification of teams
It's the most obvious element: a dominant team has more chance of winning than a substantive team of ranking. This factor is so obvious that we there will dwell not.

2 - The history between the two clubs
Some clubs perform unusually well against specific clubs. For example, CH fans will remember the parties against the Boston Bruins in the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011: despite the fact that Boston had a much better club, CH was able to win over parties. Is this due to the game system? Or simply because CH had reached to "enter into the head" of Bruins and sow doubt? Whatever the case, this factor must be held to account. There is no point of back 20 years back: the players and coaches are obviously more the same. But still take the time to back a year or two back and watch the benefits between the two teams.

3 - Calendar
It is an important overlooked by several punters. It is never easy to play several matches in a short period of time. Thus, a team that is in his 3rd game in 4 nights may feel some fatigue. It must also take account of travel: a rest cut short by a long plane trip may have an impact on the outcome of the match.

4 - The guardian starting
Goalkeeper therefore will not play all 82 games of his team. In fact, it is very rare to see guards reach the plateau of the 70 games in a season. Most custodians #1 will be between 50 and 65 parts.  It is therefore say that between 20 and 30 parties, the team will have to rely on goalkeeper #2. Although some teams have a #2 quality goalkeeper, the chances of victory will be necessarily lower when the primary custodian will be on leave.

5 - Injuries
Always take care to look at the list of the injured. Not only injury can deprive the team of a major player, but an injury may also have the effect of partitioning the trios. Some players find themselves in roles that put them out of their comfort zone (for example, some advocates will have to play a side where they play infrequently; some defensive players will find themselves in more offensive roles or vice versa, etc.). To keep the fact of injury is an important element to consider before making your bet.

6 - Issues
A team that the match is meaningless may play more softly against a team that plays a game without a future. For example, a team already qualified for the post-season series may be less involved in the match if they face a team that must absolutely win to enter the playoffs. Also, some games may have a particular importance for a club. For example, a club that wishes to redeem themselves after a disappointing performance; a club that wants to revenge an injury in a previous clash; etc.

7 - Momentum.
Ago many moments in the season where a club collects defeats after defeats. No matter what the team is doing, nothing will. The bonds are unfavourable, players hit the posts and fail to score, penalties accumulate, special units do not work. These series of defeats (or conversely, of wins) come to affect the confidence of the players. It is therefore important to take a look at the successful recent team. A good example is the New Jersey Devils in 2010-2011. After a sequence where they had a record of 9 wins, 22 defeats and 2 losses in overtime, they were able to win 29 of the 49 following parts (29 wins, 17 losses, 3 defeats in overtime) following the return of Jacques Lemaire behind the bench. Although the Devils were one of the worst at the end of 2010, they had one of the best records in early 2011. It is therefore important to take account of the momenthum of the team and recent performance, and not from the entire plug of the team.

8 - Parties at home or outside?
This element is often forgotten in casual bettors. However, most teams will have a far superior record in playing at home instead of playing abroad. During the season (2010-2011) past, only 7 of the 30 teams had better abroad. Mid-season this year, it was the case of only 6 teams. Air travel, jetlag... These are factors that will affect the performance of the players on the team. So be sure to consider this factor when place you a bet.

9 - The coast
Take the time to compare the sides. One bookmaker to another, the sides can vary a lot. For the same wager, you will receive sometimes up to 20% more by choosing one bookmaker rather than another. Be sure to always deal with a bookmaker's confidence: the best sides in the world are worthless if you don't have any chance to revisit your money if you win. That is why PokerCollectif has created a list of the best sports betting sites.

And especially... Fun!