Example of a first update

Now that you have a little more knowledge about sports betting, among others on his bankroll management, you are ready to place your first bet.

For this example, we will use two NFL teams to show you both types of more frequent updates, i.e. the TTY (against the spread or gap) and type OVER/UNDER (greater that more smaller than).

Suppose that the Chargers of San Diego Chargers play against the New England Patriots Monday evening. You love the Chargers because they had a good season, an offensive non-pair, a very strong defense and they have a long series of victories in their forms. Furthermore, you have noticed that the San Diego offensive is more aggressive and strong and that it will probably mark many points during the next match.

The next step is to find a place where to bet and watch the directions for upgrading. What you see is this:




San Diego

-3 (-110)

44 (-110)

New England

+ 3 (-110)

44 (-110)

The line shows that San Diego is - 3, with a total of 44-points. The reason why there is a line is that a team will be favourite on another to win the game. In this way, the people who make the sides, make 2 attractive teams for updates. In this example, San Diego is a favorite and New England is (dominated) underdog.

Which means that if you place your bet on San Diego, the Chargers will have to beat the Patriots by at least 3 points so you win your bet. If they lose the part or they win by less that 3 points, you lose your bet.

Later, the 2nd number shows 44, which corresponds to the score OVER/UNDER (greater that more smaller than). By betting the OVER, you predict that the total score of the two teams will be greater than 44 points at the end of the part.

After the lines of every bet (ATS, OVER/UNDER) you will see the sides. The sides are only opportunities that a team has to win the part and how much money you will earn relatively to the wager.

The-(110) means that the House will take a 'juice' of 10% (its part, its rake) on this update. This means that you will need to wager $11 for each $10 you will want to win. Again, this is the benefit of the House.

Now, you want to place your bet in hopes of winning $ 100 for every bet. You must wager 110$ ATS on the Chargers (winner with 3 points) and $ 110 for a total score of 44 points, for a total of $ 220.

This Monday night, the Chargers won by a score of 31-20 and you have won your two bets!

The gap of 11 points was more than enough to cover the necessary 3 points difference that you must meet for a gain of $ 100. A total score of 51 points allows you to earn your OVER/UNDER for another $ 100. Not too bad for a first time.