Operating instructions to lose in sports betting

Why the eager gamblers lose and how to win?

You don't like to lose? You are really upset when you lose? You will be not made for sports betting as long as you do not change your approach! As you will see, the bad sequences of a day, a week or even a month, are inevitable. They are part of life, they will come, certainly, and they are part of the statistics. The key to winning is to understand this reality rather than wanting to fight it.

The bad sequences are inevitable in life as in sports betting

You think not? You think you can find a way to win consistently without suffering from bad passes? Think again!

Think of the stock exchange market. According to Money Magazine (April 2008), if you had invested in one of the best 500 placements since August 1997, you would have had a return rate of 88% of your investment! But if you had missed just 20 days in the business world, you would have lost 20%!

Think about what that means. Over 3,650 days, 20 days have been very juicy days while the rest, in full, were losers days! The money of the shares comes a great shots. The same is true for sports betting (especially when you take teams underdogs in sports with moneyline as baseball or hockey).

Sequences of earnings arrive. And even if we deny their existence, the bad sequences also arrive. These series are part of the statistics. Even during seasons where you get a wonderful 60% success (better than you have ever done), there will be losing days, losing weeks, perhaps even months losers.

The constant winners, day after day, do not exist. Read this sentence again if necessary. The point here is that you should expect to bad passes. You shouldn't discourage you when they arrive. If you expect these bad series, you'll be less depressed when you will live. Be frustrated by a bad past could push you to make bad decisions in the future (take too big risks, for example). You must stay in the race and get a score between 55% and 60% in the long term!

If a bad day really affects you, it's probably that you bet too.You must have the financial means to take these few losses (in other words, make a good management of the bankroll). Wager a small percentage of your bankroll to be able to survive the bad sequences in the short term. And above all, the best way to lose everything is too miser to "restore". Reduce rather the size of your bets rather that increase them! Your risk of ruin will be much lower.

Manage your money from Sportsbooks as you would handle the money from a company that does not need profit daily or monthly, but annually! If at the end of the year you have a success rate of 55%, thats all that matters!