What is a unit?

You wonder what people mean when they speak of a 'unit'? Are you wondering how to calculate your units of gains/losses? Explained you here.

Sports bettors usually based their selection on units. They report their performance based on gains/losses (and the percentage of earnings) as well as in terms of unit gains/losses. A unit is simply a measure of profit/loss. Given that each person of different amounts, we use the term "unit" to describe a simple update. For some people, a unit may be $ 20. For others, it can be $ 1000. It depends on the size of your bankroll. You just need to find the unit that goes with the size of your bankroll. A simple rule would be to say that 1 unit means 1% of your bankroll. So, if you have $ 5,000 to play, a unit will be equal to $ 50. So, for 3 units, you risk $ 150.

How the units won/lost are calculated

For a bet against the spread (a typical bet football and basketball), we usually have to pay a "juice" or "vig" of 10%. Therefore, we must risk $ 100 to win $91. In this example, you need a rate of gains of 52.38% to 0. Which means that if you have units at $ 50 and you bet 2 units, you risk $ 100 to $ 91. If you win, you will be + 1.82 unit. If you lose, you will be-2 units. Very simple, is not it?

For the selection against the money line (paris present especially in the parts of baseball and hockey), the percentage of gains and losses is calculated in the same way as for bets against the spread. But the units must be calculated in a different way because bets are not of the type $ 110 to win $ 100. The moneyline can be played in any sport but is more used to baseball and hockey. In a Word, by betting money line, you simply choose a winning team and a losing team. The gap or the line does not apply. If your team wins (by any score), you win. If your team loses, you lose. You must risk more to win if you choose a favorite. Conversely, by focusing the underdog, you risk less to do more.

When you calculate units gains/losses for the money line betting, you need to calculate them apart from your other updates. If a team is-$150 for $100 and you put 2 units on it, you will have a gain of 1.34 unit if she wins. If it loses, you will lose 2 units. If an underdog at + 150 team wins and you bet 2 units on it, you will earn 3 units and you will lose 2 if it loses.

We always risk a number of unit. The amount that we win is determined by the dimensions offered by the House.

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