John-VorhausThe losers speak a particular language that requires several skills and a systematic translation. If you pay attention to what I'll tell you, I can teach you how speaking in "losers".
The losers speak a particular language that requires several skills and a systematic translation. If you pay attention to what I'll tell you, I can teach you how speaking in "losers". Simply follow the following rules:

What they say and what it means

'I earn a little' = 'I lose ".
"I'm kif-kif" = "I lose".
'I lost a few dollars' = 'I lose ".

The losers are liars. You can trust them. They lie to you, which is very sad (they swear on the head of God it's true), but increasingly, they lie to themselves. So dive in a loser's head to see what he has to say. Do not forget the translation key above.

I have not played too badly tonight. (I lose) I couldn't hit a flop fucking tonight. (I lose) You can never protect your hands to this limit. (I lose) I should play an upper limit.

This good old lie practice: "I should play to a higher limit. Yep. As soon as his game degenerates to its limit, it denies the reality and is looking for an excuse to not having to cope with its weaknesses. This course of action will only make things worse.

You see it all the time.

A loser who is completely overtaken by the game leaves the table. He therefore wondered: "what should I do after? Go to the House? No, it will never cross his mind. He sees a bench from free to an upper limit on its own (and when I say an upper limit on his own, I say a limit to which he will have to play tight throat) and he would go sit there. (Which raises an interesting question: "what is the highest limit for you?) For everyone, it's different. For my grandmother, it's something like five tables. For my part, I am comfortable to Fort Knox. So, what is your maximum limit and why? And do not imagine that this issue is irrelevant or that it does not touch you. Obviously, you can not play if you are afraid of losing because play you too short. It is therefore important to know to what extent you start playing with the fear of losing).

So therefore, this loser will commit during only a short lapse of time to its inefficient way poker. Look at how many lies he can tell before taking his game seriously.

"The money that I just lose does not count because I was not warmed up. But with the money that it remains for me, I'll be much more careful and rigorous. Anyway, the players at my table are not too difficult to beat air. There are three players who have three times the buy-in of the table and I'll enjoy it. They are super aggressive. I will therefore wait for a strong hand and attempt to trap them. I use their large stack against themselves. »

This is a very funny way of seeing things (lie). This is a lie often used by the player who is not a size on a table and who wants to make a lot of money when it is short in bankroll. Sad and pathetic. Play an upper limit on what our bankroll allows us is equivalent to throw his money away; have you ever thought about it? Why do me you waste my time?

It is nonsense that bother me mind. 'A call Stuart will not me kill. A glass is not going to alter my game. A buy-in short is not so worse than it. An hour of sleep is enough. A hand more and I go there. »

And that lies to begin with "just a.

Can you find 5 lies that begin with 'two '? Two outs, it is far. Two updates - ah and then, why I am doing your homework?

Look, I I don't care if you lie to your friends. I could care less if you lie to your wife. I me doesn't care also if you lie to yourself. But you do not mentirez me. I ask you how much you won or lost last night, how long was your session and why your session was as it was and you're better to have an honest answer to give me. I want a frank and articulate response in addition to it. Because it is the simplest thing in poker, honesty 101, and if you fail in this part, you will succeed nothing everything.

The problem is that lies are double edged blades. The lies you will catch up and interact with you. You lie to our enemy when you represent a hand you don't. It's okay, it's part of the game. But over time, you become accustomed to the lie. You begin to find that lies are a good avenue. You start to think that the lies are integral to your poker as to your life (it is not).

Try to figure out if you can, critical the difference between deceit and illusion: deception is that you made to others. The illusion is what're doing you to yourself. When these forces are in harmony, everyone at the table think you're some sort of silly, but you know that it is not so. When they are reversed, you think that you play well, but you're squarely in orbit. Where are you then? Way to talk like a loser.

"I have a series of bad cards. The dealer is against me. This guy there call really with anything. You can't beat a guy like that. Less than a play like that. "Maybe I should play less tight.

Oh, you need help. And I can't do it alone. So ask yourself this question: "are you going to make me waste my time telling me that all this does not apply to you. Or are you going to go directly to the essential in order to achieve your goal? It is your choice and as usual, you make one that suits you, it is at your discretion. But let me just tell you that I hate to lose, my money or my time. So grouillez you face the music, confront reality and see there as it is. If you want to one day play winning poker, this is what you need to do. Do it. Do it now. The lies that you save, will make you winners.