Promotion: A reserved poker communities Quebec seat $ 25,000

Grand-tournoi-poker-loto-quebecEspaceJeux offers you this Thursday at 8 pm a special satellite to the members of the communities of poker. In a tournament at $ 3.30 with redemptions, a $ 25,000 seat will be offered to players. The number of players should be limited, since only Quebec communities of poker will be the promotion and the tournament will be visible only from tonight only on EspaceJeux.

To participate, nothing simpler. Obviously, you must be a member of EspaceJeux and in the event where you are already registered for the $ 25,000 tournament, it will be useless for you to play this tournament because the seat is non-transferable and non-monnayable.

It goes to say that there is an important overlay and that this tournament represents a chance very interesting to win your place in the "great tournament of Poker Loto - Québec ($ 25,000)". To our knowledge, it's also the last satellite for this tournament.

When? Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 20: 00.
Where to? On EspaceJeux. (The tournament will be visible in the evening on the EspaceJeux software).
Tournament structure: unlimited redemptions for 65 minutes; add - on at the end of the period of redemptions. Blinds increase every 10 minutes.
Price? Winner takes all! The winner won a seat with a value of $ 25,000 for the GTPLQ of May 19.

Don't miss this last chance to participate in the most prestigious tournament in the Canada!


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