A challenge for 1 M$ between Rui Cao and Patrik Antonius!

This already very long ago, Tom Dwan had defied anyone (except Phil Galfond) to play heads up. If his opponent managed to finish winning $ 1 and more, Tom Dwan would give him 1 M$.

Jungleman12 agreed, but the challenge is in pause long long already. Meanwhile, another challenge might be interesting to follow. French Rui Cao challenged Patrik Antonius on Pot Limit Omaha tables, No Limit Hold'em and 2-7 Triple Draw. Each player has a bankroll of 1 M$.

What are the specific terms of this challenge? Both players are committed to compete on No Limit Hold'em tables'em, Pot Limit Omaha and 2-7 Triple Draw. They will respectively put into play on these three variants are from 350 000 350 000 and $300 000, making a total of one million dollars.

The reported trade, the duel would take place on tables of $ 200 / $400, which means that the two players would invest approximately 8 to 9 buy-ins on each of the variants.

Short, if this duel was a fight, you could say that this is a battle of 3 rounds.

Yesterday, we saw the first round which was really just a warm-up round. In the words of Rui Cao on Facebook: "this part was not part of the challenge." The challenge will begin to February 14 or 15." This first round was to the advantage of the latter who won $ 330,000. The two players have played 350 hands of 2-7 triple draw. According to observers, the match was one-sided and Cao dominated Antonius of the first hand at the last.

To learn a little more about this challenge, you can read the article published on highstakesdb: Challenge 1 M$ between Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao.

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