A contract for Viktor "Isildur1" Bloom with a poker room online?

Nothing is confirmed. But the hearsay want that Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has already signed a sponsorship contract with a large online poker room. Still no room name was suggested. The new was published on the blog of Sohello BankTheMan Shah, a friend of Viktor Bloom.

You you will perhaps Shah for the clip that he directed on Isildur1, "The Isildur Song". With this new revelation, "BankTheMan" seeking attention or its new is based? The time will tell. Whatever it is, the new is already talking and so it's mission accomplished for the friend of Mr Bloom.

Isildur1 is not its first offer of sponsorship. He had already denied an affiliation with the Real Deal Poker room which proposed it among other things create a high stakes to his name. Isildur1 had declined the offer, probably to maintain the mystery of his identity.

Remember that Viktor Bloom is known for wreaking havoc on the tables at Full Tilt Poker against the best players in the world including Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius are part. He is also recognized for his performance at the recent WSOPE while he finished 16th.

According to PokerTableRating , Isildur1 have experienced bad sessions in recent weeks. Indeed, October 4 it would have lost $ 119,000 USD, October 6 just over $ 138,000 USD within a few hours to lose a little over $ 85,000 USD in after noon.

To date on Full Tilt Poker, it is losing $ 2.5 m. However, on November 15, earnings reached 5 M US $! His worst day (December 8, 2009) made him lose 2.8 M $!

In his best friends (the players against whom he made the most money), there are "durrrr" against whom he played 54,962 hands and won a little more than 4.5 M $, Cole South (1. 1 M dollars) and Ziigmund (933, $000).

His worst enemies are also known as Brian Hastings (loss of $ 4.3 M) players, Phil Ivey (loss of 2.8 M $) and OMGClayAiken alias Phil Galfond (loss of 2.5 M $).

We also note the presence of jugleman12 (which is currently under challenge against Tom "durrrr" Dwan in the best friends of Isildur1 (winner of $ 333,000 on jungleman12).


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