A few brief in the world of poker

Weeks of work can be grueling, and that n is not everyone who manages to s invest completely in the world of poker on a daily basis. Warriors of weekends, rejoice! You have just won your hand since from now on, the Nightly Turbo offers a special weekly edition. Get ready to have cramps finger stuffing all the clicking, double-cliquage and unwinding that you'll have to do. Unlike the Sunday newspaper, the Weekly Turbo will linger not in your living room next week.

Brule for instant l

Shaun Deeb has announced that it will stop at least poker poker tournaments. It has more than $300,000 (US) gains career in tournaments and just get an EPT High Roller winning Kiev in August. But when c is enough, c is enough.

"Yeah, I'm completely burned. J have had enough. I have enough of everything. I'll take the rest of the year off and, hopefully, be able to do something else. «Poker c is fine for a time, but * I hate what I've become ", Deeb said.

DEEB said that he does not completely leave poker, just tournaments. He is currently third in the race for the CardPlayer's Online Player of the Year this year, but it will be difficult for him to win s he no longer participates in tournaments. Someone wants to capitalize on the date of his return in tournaments?

Hey Jude!

With l arrival of PokerStars in the UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) in December, it is rather logical to add an Irish player in the team. Jude Ainsworth spent in history by becoming the first Irish to sign with the giant in online poker.

Ainsworth n is not a simple found the bottom Guinness drinker d a bar in Dublin. In 2008, he won the PartyPoker Irish Poker Championships. In 2009, he won the tournament which the entry price was $ 10,300, the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker, to finish with more than $900,000.

"I am really looking forward to participate in the UKIPT and take part in a competition as exciting. Yet, the thing I'm certainly the most impatient is back in my hometown, Galway. "said Ainsworth.

Play lost head

Just days after losing the biggest pot in the history of poker online, "Isildur1" won the second biggest pot in online poker history playing of all, same Phil Ivey.

The two played pot-limit Omaha with blinds $500 / $1, 000. Isildur1 had approximately $640 K behind him while Ivey had $564 K. $ 1 million pot is played roughly thus:

A war of raises given a pot of $ 54,000 before even the first 3 cards are outputs.The flop gave Ks-Jd-Js and the 2 players check the flop. A 10 d comes on the turn. Isidur1 check and update quickly Ivey $ 41,000. Isidur1 then raises to $ 177,000 and Ivey call. The 5 d full River and curiously Isidur1 bets $ 408,000. Ivey call to build the pot of $ 1 million. Isidur1 struck a full to the Kings while Phil Ivey does not showed her hand.

Older women warned by the Cyprus police

The Cyprus Government maintains that playing cards for money l under your own roof is illegal, and that even the elderly are not excluded from this law. The Cyprus police has not hesitated to carry in prison 42 older women this week for playing cards in the privacy of their own home. Most of the women were aged between 75 and 85 years. The oldest was 95 years old and the youngest was 50. Women organized weekly parties in turn in their respective homes.

Ladies do perhaps disturb anyone with their games, but apparently they have a jealous neighbor. Police officers arrived at the home after receiving a complaint d a neighbor. He alleged that the property was used as a House of noisy games. We believe that the neighbor has not been invited, which aroused his jealousy.

The police confiscated 530 maps and 546 poker chips. The women allegedly played for around 100 euros each. They have been imprisoned and then released. They will likely receive nothing d other than a small fine if they are convicted.

"Most of my friends are widows and at our age, there is not much to do. For years, we organise parties every week, changing from Rotary way home. We get together, drink tea and play cards. We put into play only a few euros for s fun. The only thing the police managed to do during these raids is to ridicule the women a certain age. », said one of the participants, aged 87 years.

Tony G blog

The honcho of PokerNews, Tony G, is in London. Between the gym and the pizzeria, it decided to give us an overview of his use of the time. He was a little concerned at this time, since he worked on the development d a personal project.

If say you everything is in Tony's blog, you n would not read it. However, c is an excellent read.

Tony G is not the only one to work on his own account. Tom Dwan does with Full Tilt Poker.

Certainly not winning

Sophon Sek won the BC Poker Championship, last Sunday evening, for $364 364. Monday morning, he was in State of arrest. The 30-year-old player was intercepted in connection with the murders of six people in Surrey, in 2007. He has been charged with manslaughter and d introduction break-ins, but could possibly facing more serious charges.

The vice president of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, Howard Blank, said: "the RCMP has informed us that c was the candidate who won our tournament. The GRCa requested that the champion gains be retained. Therefore, the amount has not been paid to the winner. It was simply one of many local players who have been ousted. "

The fate of Sophon has completely changed. It would appear that lady luck is dedicated not only to the cause of pokers players, but also to the victims of tragedies.

A deadline for l UIGEA

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) would enter into force 1 December. However, the wish of US poker players has been granted Friday, when l UIGEA has been delayed until June 1. The Poker Players Alliance is definitely very excited by the deadline.


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