An error on the server of Poker Stars makes the controversial 25 billionth hand

It seems that Poker Stars had problems in the distribution of the 25 billionth hand. They offered on this occasion 250 k $ in prizes to participants in this hand.

Unfortunately, the server could not handle the demand, and everything collapsed.

The submerged Server slowed until its explosion, caused several problems at the table where the hand was treated. Players who were joined at the table a few minutes before were unable to post their blinds, making them inelligible to prices, according to the testimony in the chat.

Another player on the table, '' Neon Frost '', coated his hand due to the fact that it was "timeout". It turned out that he would have split the pot with the potential winner, "tupapi777". This makes a huge difference when you know that the winner touch 150 k in price while the other 5 players at the table to share the sum of 100K. Pokerstars has reviewed the situation and gave the pot to the two players.


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