Balance sheet 2011 of high stakes online

high_stakes_db_logo.jpgThe year 2010 had been difficult for Gus Hansen, who had been the worst player of online cash games. It would seem that Gus would have taken the means to remedy the situation.

For January 2011, it is one of the biggest winners on the tables high stakes with winnings of about $ 800,000 (figures according to different databases vary from 750 to 900 K). On Full Tilt Poker, he played 95 sessions and a total of 7697 hands.

With regard to the other winners of the month, here they are:



1 Urindanger + $973.266
2 URnotINdanger2 + $903.508
3 Patrik Antonius + $835.733
4 gus Hansen + $755,000
5 ilvdnfl + $742.167
6 LuckyGump + $633.535
7 Rui Cao + $446.986
8 Harrington25 + $367.738
9 jungleman12 + $359.096
10 Also11 + $333.064

With respect to the losers of the month, there are big names, Ivey, Galfond and durrrr. On his Twitter this month, Galfond complained of being very unlucky when he played sessions of PLO against harrington25. In the chat, harrington25 (likely to be aware of its "good run") told Galfond that when he would have lost half of his earnings, he would be leaving the table, which did not have to make the joy of Phil Galfond.

The losers in the month of January 2011 are:

1 NEKOTYAN > $ 837 111
2 Phil Ivey > $ 612 046
3 Sauce123 > $ 579 887
4 Kpederson > $ 543 009
5 cadillac1944 > $ 478 669
6 DrugsOrMe > $ 439 231
7 kagome kagome > $ 433 536
8 FinnishNightmre > $ 400 774
9 OMGClayAiken > $ 302 472
10 durrrr > $ 252 037

On the side of the surprises, Viktor Blom. In early January, one who is known under the name of Isildur1, had net losses of more than 650 K$ on PokerStars. It seems that his victory against Daniel "jungleman12" Cates of last Sunday gave him wings, since in a very short time, he almost everything recovered those losses. On its best day 2011 (February 1), Blom made profits from 400 K on PokerStars tables playing primarily the PLO (and not against fish, but well against Phil Galfond, Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin "MrSweets28" and "Kanu7".
Isildur1 who was losing $650K at the beginning of the month of January, is now losing only from a few buy-in NL10000. A session which makes it the largest well since since its inception as long as members of Team PokerStars pro, he did so not actually good impression. Hope for him that things return.

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