Espacejeux presents his poker 8.0 version


Players attempting to play on Espacejeux this morning have noticed that the site was performing of updates. Before noon, the site was again functional version 8.0 with a few new things!

Among the new features:

A minilot of the heartbreak (in addition to badbeat jackpot) usual hand: $0.02 are collected from each pot.

To win the heartbreak on Espacejeux hand, you should lose the part with:

a square of two or a hand of a higher value in the case of a minilot of handmade heartbreak.

Application of poker for Mac and Pc

Download the new application of poker for Mac and PC in a few clicks.

Remember: if it is already installed on your computer, the application will be instantly updated!

Redemptions and automatic additions

In addition/redemption multi-table tournament, you can now activate the function of repurchases and automatic additions. When you enable this function, the redemption or the addition is done automatically, as long as you have enough money in your Espacejeux account. See the details of the redemption/adding tournaments.

Late registrations

Late registrations are now possible.

New layout of the tables

Have your tables in a more user-friendly manner. It has never been so easy to play on several tables at once! Choose tile or cascade layout and save your preferences from the settings tab, then Settings General.

Fast classification of opponents

Classify your opponents by playing style. The categories are associated with a color, and are predetermined: fish, shark and way. The color that you have associated with a player appears behind his avatar.

New types of tournaments

Cash and go

Current tournament, you can exchange your remaining chips for cash and leave the tournament before the end of the collection period. The cash option is offered in some multi-table tournament that do not allow late registration or purchases and additions. Before confirming your payment application, a window tells you the amount you get in Exchange for your chips. A maximum of 30% of the prize pool can be cashed by the players.

Free redemptions

Some tournaments offer you the opportunity to make a limited number of redemptions of chips without paying a penny. See the details of the redemption/adding tournaments.

Agreement in tournaments

Some tournaments offer players at the final table to reach an agreement before the end of the tournament. All players have the opportunity to walk away with the money before the end of the tournament. For such an agreement is reached, all players must accept the offer. If only one player refuses the agreement, the tournament continues

The amount awarded to each player is calculated in the same way that when a tournament is interrupted and the stock market began to be distributed:

All still active players receive the amount that should have been won by the next player eliminated;

The rest of the stock market is distributed as follows:

50% is distributed equally among active players;

50% is distributed in proportion to the number of chips possessed by these active players.

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