FTP has no patent for Rush Poker


In last September, PokerCollectif announced that PokerStars is working on its own version of the RushPoker, a quick way to play poker online popularized by Full Tilt. This news was announced on the Twoplustwo forums by Stephan of the PokerStars team.

Today, we learn that InstaDeal poker room will soon launch the equivalent of Rush poker launched in early 2010.


According to him, the rush poker does not meet the criteria necessary for obtaining a patent. Lawyers working for InstaDeal have researched and have all come to the conclusion that the grant of a patent for such a product would be extremely complicated. Therefore, a new application will be launched shortly under the name of SpeedPoker.

In an interview with EGRMagazine, Per Hildebrand, president of InstaDeal Poker, said taking the legal provisions necessary to launch its SpeedPoker peace of mind. According to his statements, the RushPoker has a test on three to be patented.

In this regard, he said that this variant of poker will be mainly oriented smartphone or other mobile device. He said: "we think that it is particularly suited to the mobile game, which is perfect because it works without going through the Apple Store. "It may not be possible on multiple tables, but a single table of Rush Poker mobile is enough for most of the players".

For now, even if Full Tilt Poker does have a patent for its RushPoker, no other room hasn't yet copied project, what is the greatest joy of the leaders of InstaDeal. According to them, if PokerStars trolling yet to put in place a form of rush poker, it is that they take all possible precautions to be certain of not having problem later.

To get an idea of what is the SpeedPoker in InstaDeal, you can watch the promotional video of launch

So, it's official, sooner or later, PokerStars will be him also his rush poker.

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