Hand to 1 M on PartyPoker

main1million.jpgFrom 6 September to October 5 on PartyPoker , you will have the chance to be millionaire winning hand to 1 million. How does it work?

Playing on PartyPoker , you earn points. Whenever you accumulate 15 PartyPoints, you get a card that can be used to form a poker hand. Your bonus will be the hand that you have incorporated. In other words, you will need to earn 75 points to form a poker hand. If you have a pair or better, you will receive 1 for a pair to 300 for a square. If you make a straight flush, you will get 5000. Obviously, the hand at one million is the Royal flush straight.

You will be able to compose 2 hands of 5 cards per day every day, either 60 opportunities to establish a royal flush straight. Even if you aren't the lucky elected hand to 1 million, you can still earn cash bonus that will give a boost to your bankroll.

You will also get 10 for three of a kind, a straight 20 and 40 for a flush.

We therefore wish good luck to all on the tables!


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