Have you been the victim of a bot lately?

There are several myths about online poker. The regulars will know them. On the other hand, if there is something that is not a myth, it is the existence of "bots" (robots) on some online poker sites. One of the first known bots was launched by Shanky Technologies. This is probably not the first existing bot, but this is the first available to the public.


Many people have used it to release the deposit bonus or to play Hold'em party ' limit Hold'em. It is also, apparently, an excellent player of Black Jack.

"The constructor of the program adds:" "the pokerbot plays extremely well, but must provide a profitable environment. Many of our customers are good players that use just the program to take their place while they eat or to play their loyalty points in Freeroll tournaments".

This bot is known as to operate on Full Tilt Poker and the Cryptologic network.
Profitable a bot? For some Yes. It will remind may of these 10 bots that operated on PokerStars a few months ago. These operated on the tables of 50nl to NL200 in shorthanded. Bots have played nearly eight million hands and in total, they have reaped $57 839 and $186.572 rake!
You can add to it the profits related to VIP status. The false player accounts were all closed course. It s was 7emenov, bakabar, craizer, mvra nakseon, kozzin, demidou, Koldan, Daergy and feidmanis. These players have all been banned last July.

But rest assured! Poker sites do everything in effort to curb this type of nuisance on the poker tables. The evidence? Recently, Full Tilt Poker has repaid several victims of these bots players! They have been repaying the full amount of what those bots their had taken.

Full Tilt Poker today officially launched its war to the "bots"!

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