Is the 'play money' the future of online poker?


Do you know Zynga? It is a company created in 2007 and which is at the origin of the Facebook application "Texas Hold'em" which has already more than 40 million users and allows you, as the name suggests, to play the Texas Hold'em poker'em for free.

You can play with millions of other players from your computer or your mobile phone. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of Facebook users use it. Zynga today has a turnover estimated at between 300 and 500 million dollars even though it only offers free games. You guessed that income come mostly advertising and mini-achats that one can do in this game.

On all poker sites or almost (sites where you can play with real money), you can participate in a "freeroll", i.e. free tournaments. The regulars know they have a respectable popularity. Obviously, the scholarships are never grandiose, but Zynga, which keeps an eye on US legislation to soon launch its own room of poker with real money , think that it could be any different if these tournaments were sponsored.

This at least is the view of his boss, Mark Pincus. With enough publicity, could be perhaps participate in a freeroll with hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. This idea does not preclude interested in a room of poker with real money if the law allows it.
Is the kind poker rooms are the future of online poker? What will happen at the level of the Act, the rooms with "play money" only if these rooms also offer tournaments with real money (but no cost of entry)?

The US legislation, nor the ARJEL are still handed down on these types of poker rooms.



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