Luxury services to win at Winamax

4c5967986c3ce.jpgPatrick Bruel society (associate equally with the founder of Meetic, Marc Simoncini and founders of Caramail, Alexander Roos and Christophe Schaming) Winamax will continue August 15, next at 21:00, his series of tournaments called "Sunday Surprise", series already well-appreciated by poker players. These tournaments have an entry cost of 10 euros with a total in scholarships guaranteed 20, 000euros. These tournaments are like any other tournament guaranteed to the difference that the bonus awarded to the winner will be different from other types of tournaments (where a bracelet is awarded to the winner for example).The bonus awarded to the winner here is luxury services.

What is meant by luxury service? Here are a few examples.

You are a poker player and (without wanting to generalize), you're a little lazy type who doesn't like too do his household? If you win a "Sunday Surprise", it is 2 hours of cleaning per week for 1 year you can win.

You want to impress your friends by inviting them to dinner, but you do not have imagination or talent in the kitchen? Let a great Cook prepare you 1 great meal gourmet for 8 persons with aperitifs, wines and champagne included while you serve.

You feel encroute because you always sit to play poker? You need more exercise? Probably as a weekly session by a coach will make you the greatest well!

We already know that you are not very strong on the household, but what wash? Probably that an account under your name for 1 year at a netoyeur near you dépanneraient you?

Please note that the services described above are in addition to the prize pool of the 20, 000euros. These services will be a bonus for the winner, his kind of bracelet if you want.

A few weeks ago Patrick Bruel offered the possibility to all players from the Sunday Surprise to play a football game (what is known in Quebec soccer) with Vikash Dhorasoo in the stage of the Prince with either the colors of Paris Saint-Germain or the colors of the team Winamax.

What for the coming weeks? Are there still other surprises? It is clear that the time bonuses are oriented towards the gente male, but maybe Winamax will get us with surprises in the future presenting bonuses slightly more geared towards women.

When last Sunday Surprise, it is 1 week of vacation on a private island off the coast of Zanzibar (Tanzania) in the Indian Ocean, which was to win. This batch has been added to the guaranteed prizepool of 20,000 for a buy-in of 10.
If you still haven't account Winamax, you can create one at address


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