Many problems for online poker rooms

Everest Poker, Winamax and Bwin have had lately a few problems with their software. For Everest Poker, all started by problems of lags and disconnections more or less important tournaments freeroll with guaranteed from 500 to 1000euros scholarships. But on July 25, it is 80% of the players who have been disconnect from the software in a 50,000 euros guaranteed tournament. Everest has published a press release to that effect these days: 'be aware that our entire team is mobilized and working d hard to ensure this does not happen again and you will see adjustments in the coming days. In the meantime, we ask you to wait while your requests to customer service because each request is handled on a case by case. Be aware that any buy-in and last update d a player who was thrown d a tournament will be refunded»

Bwin and Winamax also met them some time ago, the recurring problems of lags and disconnections. The companies announced last week they were doing to remedy the situation and that they do not expect such enthusiasm for these periods for their poker room. Hope that other approved by the ARJEL poker rooms do not launch too quickly to market with software that stability has not been put to the test.

Note that all the companies concerned were highly motivated to correct these as quickly as possible problems which were beginning to exasperate some players.


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