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Dernerement we told you of a application for iPhone to play poker with real money. Since then, other iPhone apps are available for you give even more possibilities when it comes to playing poker online.

It is today Winamax and Everest France that initiate implementation, in collaboration with Peer2me (development) and seventy (design). "The software has been programmed by poker enthusiasts, and allows fluid and rhythmic parts", we inform the folks at Winamax.

To be honest with you, the applications are limited for now, but who knows what they will become in a few months? When I say limited, is that for now, a policy of Apple prohibits money with iPhone applications games. In other words, you will be able to play at the "Play money" poker. But nothing tells us that things will not change in the near future. In this regard, the folks at Winamax: "Apple n not allow our version of the application in real money, but hopefully as they revise their policy on regulated markets, and that players will soon be able to enjoy".

Several variants of games are currently available: tournaments, SitNGo-cash-games of Hold 'em and Omaha.

The will of the sites is nothing if Apple does not change this regulation. There is another option; use the Flash version of some sites to play poker with real money. This is what the folks at Everest Poker is currently working. According to their estimates, it will be possible to play on their site with real money on iPhone in the course of the year 2011.

Barely a month ago, Everest progressed in a press conference: "we will be the first on the iPad". Winamax shows us here that they are also in the race by launching this application!

Note in closing that these applications are free. You find the free app Winamax (version 1.0.0 - 5 MB) on the App Store in the category: games.

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