New bond buy-in on PokerStars as early as March 3

At the end of last week, we learned on the TwoPlusTwo forums, that a new rule would be installed on PokerStars following several complaints by players.

Those who have already been victims of this type of players will understand.

You decide to start a new table. You sit and you wait for other players.

A player comes up with a few big blinds only. He played a hyper aggressive style. You foldez your marginal hands pending a better time for stacker your opponent and he decides of is sitout and leave the table with its lean profit. He will resume his ride on other tables. Your goal is to create the action and not I get ' hit' no runner "so.

Thus, measures will be taken against players who:

1 buy on a table for less than 100bb.
2 play a few hands.
3 leave the table with a stack greater than they had at their entrance.
4 take a seat on another similar table with a buy-in of less 100bb.

Players who repeat these steps more than 8 times a 20 hour cycle will be punished.

Therefore, when you leave a table X to join a Y, you will need to have the same number of big blinds when you left the table X.

This is good for 40bb-100bb tables. For 250bb 100bb tables, the obligation to buy-in will be different. With respect to Zoom tables, a similar measure will be announced in the coming days.

It should be noted that this measure does not prevent you to buy only 40bb when you enter on a table. Simply not to repeat actions 1 to 4 above.

This measure is processed not the majority of players. In the words of "PokerStars Nick" on 2 + 2, this measure will be simply put in place so that all players can focus on playing poker and not to get lost "metagame". This measure is in everyone's interest.

It is very interesting to see that PokerStars has reacted to the many comments of his players. Indeed, several players had complained of ' hit' no runner "and"Grimmers". Another fine example of the professionalism of PokerStars.

You can discuss this news on PokerCollectif forums: new bond buy - in on PokerStars as early as March 3


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