New promo in September for Everest

In September, this is the month "Micro limits in madness" on Everest Poker . During the entire month of September, Everest offer multiple tournaments and sigNgo for small bankrolls. This promotion applies to all players who want to progress at low cost and to all recreational players who will not go broke playing. So, you can participate in tournaments to 1, 20euros. These tournaments that take place every day at 19:00 will be 1000euros in guaranteed purses.

There is also a cash games ou the big blind minimum will be 2 under. You may be able to play on a table with as little as 2euros.

During this promotion, you will also get double your Summits points that will allow you to participate in tournaments and to purchase items in the store.

So, you'll find sitNgo at 0, 05euros, freeroll with guaranteed 2000euros (1 time per week) and other upcoming surprises that have not yet been unveiled.

As known, the first deposit is often poorly managed as one, the player is often beginner Poker and two, it is not always all the information necessary to properly manage his bankroll. With this micro limits promotion, here is an opportunity to learn to manage a bankroll and learn to play with real money at low cost.

The micro limits promotion ends September 16.


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