PartyPoker launches promotion Genius

Starting today, Party Poker will pay to the square each 50,000e hand played. In addition, promoting Genius promises for the 10 million next hands, give a big bonus to each millionniere hand.

The Genius promotion began today at 12:00 and and will be effective for 10 million hands on PartyPoker, 1 of the 4 largest online poker sites. The minimum pot will be $ 100 as the maximum pot will be $ 5,000. For example, if 50,000e has a pot of $ 5, PartyPoker will pay $ 100 and not $ 25 ($5 x$ 5). If the pot is $ 50, the pot will be foamed to $ 2500 ($ 50 at the square).

Each joueurr involved in a Genius hand will share its equal share of the bonus. The maximum pot to be paid will be $ 5,000, which means a pot of about $ 71. Winning hands will be shown online on the website of PartyPoker. It is worth noting that the replayer Flash is not compatible with the popular Firefox browser. All the cash games from $0.10 - $0.25 and more are eligible and included the Limit ($0.25 - $0.50 minimum), No Limit and Pot Limit Hold em just like the Pot Limit Omaha and Seven Card Stud.

In addition, for this promotion, PartyPoker, every millionth hand will receive a prize of at least $ 10,000. 10 millionth hand will mark the end of the promotion. This promotion will be at least $ 100,000 in prizes, which will be a good springboard for your bankroll. The deal does not include the heads-up cash games. Players who won't call a bet may not be paid. A counter hands will be available on the PartyPoker website throughout the promotion.



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