Phil Ivey launches Ivey Poker for smartphone

It is now in Las Vegas that Phil Ivey has announced the official launch of the Ivey Poker application for mobile devices. The application was created by Phil Ivey itself and is available for free to all.

"All those who know me know that I am one of the most passionate poker players on the planet," said Phil Ivey, founder of Ivey Poker. "I have to develop the global community of poker and I designed the Ivey Poker application both for entertainment and informative purposes."

As PokerCollectif had announced earlier this year, a team of pros (named Team Ivey) will play an active role in this application. Indeed, a library of exclusive educational videos will be offered to members.

With this application, Ivey Poker wants to create the perfect combination of a game both fun and easy to understand, but which also offers more interactive features to its users.

Regarding Team Ivey, one notices the presence of Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Gillian Epp, Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Smith and more than 25 other pros (see other pros, see this page).

The application offers several options like multi-table, the possibility of making a TV-style presentation. It is available for download on Android, Google Play, Apple Store or on Facebook. In addition, you can chat live with other players in the community, including the pros of Team Ivey. The application is available in several languages, including English and the french.

Ivey concludes: "I remember how it was difficult, when I started to play poker online. There were only very few options. If didn't have a PC, you couldn't play. "

"This is the reason why we strive to Ivey Poker available to all."

You can watch the video or to get more details about this application, you can visit the official page.

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